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Description: Murks! An Integrated Development Environment
Version: 0.6.0
Date: 07 Apr 08
Category: development/ide
FileID: 336
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Comment by: aGGreSSor ( 05 Mar 2013, 09:29File version: 0.6.0
Interface work well on hosted linux-i386-system: compiles, but doesn't link. Problem in symbolic links: SYS:Development/lib/libm.a (to SYS:Development/libarosm.a) then linker error message - "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lm" in modern linux-i386-system distribute.
Comment by: Heinz712 ( 29 Oct 2007, 18:46File version: 0.5.0
From Version 0.5.2 the Archive must be extracted directly to sys:
because the Compiler will be extracted to sys:Development/
You may later move the sys:Murks/ Directory if you want.

Extract with "unzip -d sys:"

If you already have a sys:Development/ Directory, then extract with:

"unzip -n -d sys:"
Comment by: Keen ( 09 Jul 2007, 14:49File version: 0.5.0
It will be better to specify an arch and version in archive`s name ., like
murks-0.5.0-i386. Thanx!
Comment by: Heinz712 ( 29 Jun 2007, 21:10File version: 0.5.0
If you want to use Murks on AROS-linux-hosted, then make sure you start Aros
with enough Memory (64MB) will be fine.
[./aros -m 64MB]

Make sure you save a project before you try to compile, even if have just loaded
it !
Comment by: Heinz712 ( 28 Jun 2007, 22:09File version: 0.5.0
Ther may be an annoying message asking for volume "home"

Assign home: sys:

to get rid of it.
Comment by: Heinz-Raphael Reinke ( 14 Dec 2006, 16:30File version: 0.2
Murks! IDE becomes Open Source

Murks! is now released as Open Source Software under the

Interested Developers can join the Team by contacting me,
using this Formmailer:

The Message should contain the Username and Password you want to use.

Of course Developers from other systems like OS4, MorphOS and OS3.x are
welcome too!
But only under one condition.
The Source Code MUST NOT have any dependencies that prevents it from compiling
for AROS!
But that should'nt be such a big Problem.

There is a web based Version Management with the Murks! Sources:

For a first look at the sources, you may log in with this userdata:

Username: anonym
Password: anonym

Read Access only!

The Version Management supports three languages:
English, german and dutch.


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