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Description: SDL Jump-n-run game inspired by Super Mario.
Version: 3.4
Date: 29 Oct 22
Category: game/platform
FileID: 2591
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Comment by: cavemann ( 07 Nov 2022, 22:14File version: 3.4
Sorry, top menu has 2 meanings. I should have said to quit from the first menu. Hit escape until you get there. Hmm, I'll have to check for a spacebar problem. thanks.
Comment by: AMIGASYSTEM ( 06 Nov 2022, 09:40File version: 3.4
Unraveled the arcane, basically if you press the "Spacebar" key a new level with a bigger Penguin comes out, where then you can't exit anymore.

Afterwards even if you restart the game you are always on this new level !
Comment by: AMIGASYSTEM ( 06 Nov 2022, 08:35File version: 3.4
OK, I restarted the game and now I can exit the menu, before I had a screen with a big penguin where clicking ESC didn't bring up the exit menu, thank you, I will do a review on the forums I frequent.
Comment by: AMIGASYSTEM ( 06 Nov 2022, 08:23File version: 3.4
Remove -f works well window mode.

To exit if you are referring to the gadget on the bar, if you click it does not close the window. Other menus on top I don't see them, can you take a screenshot ?
Comment by: cavemann ( 05 Nov 2022, 21:17File version: 3.4
In the icon script, there is a -f to enable fullscreen, remove -f and it should start in window mode. And you should be able to quit the game from the top menu.
Comment by: AMIGASYSTEM ( 01 Nov 2022, 18:57File version: 3.4
Once you start the game, then you cannot exit the game.

Window mode only works if I run the game from executable !

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