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These are the top voted files during the last 7 days.

Do note that these results as provided as is and does not reflect the actual popularity of each file. An analysis of the votes has shown that people are frequently abusing the vote function to promote specific files.

Until a system is created where people have to log in to vote the values shown here are simply not to be trusted.

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Pos Votes File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
1 1 retrobattle.i386-aros.lha gam/pla 1.0.0 7Mb 05 Oct 12 84 ¤ Retrobattle - Retrobattle
2 1 finalfightse.i386-aros.lha gam/act 2018 35Mb 08 Aug 18 25 ¤ Final Fight SE - openbor game final fight remake 2018
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