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Description: Murks! An Integrated Development Environment
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 16Mb
Version: 0.6.0
Date: 07 Apr 08
Author: Heinz-Raphael Reinke
Submitter: Krzysztof Smiechowicz
Requirements: AROS i686 1024x768px
Category: development/ide
Replaces: development/ide/
License: LGPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 336
Comments: 6
Snapshots: 10
Videos: 0
Downloads: 445  (Current version)
635  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Murks is an Integrated Development Environment for Aros.
It uses the same Project File Format as AmiDevCpp does,
so Data Exchange is possible.

MurksIDE is still beta Software,
so always make a Backup of your Work !


***************** Version 0.2 (24.11.2006) ********************************

Filerequester Bug fixed, that made MurksIDE crash on Aros-Linux-hosted when
opening or saving a Project.

Checks now in Open Project Dialog if a Project File was selected.


***************** Version 0.2.1 (31.01.2007) *****************************

Thanks to Darius Brewka, Cut, Copy and Paste now works reliable. 


***************** Version 0.5.0 (27.06.2007) *****************************

More Functions, more comfort, more stability, less Bugs.
New User Interface.
New Example Projects.
Amigaguide User's Manual.
And much more... 


***************** Version 0.5.2 (29.10.2007) *****************************

Some Bugs fixed.
Murks is now started via a start Script that makes all neccessary Assigns.
Compiler Errors will be displayed in an Extra Window.


***************** Version 0.5.3 (16.12.2007) *****************************

Murks! is now fully localised.
Currently it comes with the following language catalogs:

German (by me)
French (by Olivier Adam)
Russian (Keen Ears)

English is the built in language.
Other languages are always welcome.
Look here if you language is already done:

Murks is now known to Exchange. 

***************** Version 0.5.3 (25.01.2008) *****************************
Some Bugs fixed.
Thanks Deadwood for helping me!

***************** Version 0.5.4 (26.01.2008) *****************************
Some Bugs fixed.
Added a status line, that displays actual filename and line number when 

Made all examples work again and added a simple SDL example.

***************** Version 0.6.0 (05.04.2008) *****************************
Major change: 
- support C++ projects!
- Murks!IDE compiles Murks!IDE
Minor changes:
- auto save when building
- show if file was edited
- open/create new project without closing Murks!IDE
- remove unit from project
- add existing (on disk) unit to project
- redirect compiler output to separate console
- save project as... option
- Murks!IDE added as an example

File Version Size Date Dls Readme
murks-0.6.0.src.zip0.6.0221kb07 Apr 08196¤ Murks-0.6.0 - Murks!IDE-Source
murks-lite-0.6.0.i386-aros.zip0.6.0346kb07 Apr 08165¤ Murks-lite-0.6.0 - Murks! An Integrated Development Environment(Lite)
murks-pictures-straightedge.zip10kb11 Jul 07235¤ Murks-pictures-straightedge - Murks! pictures: StraightEdge
murks-pictures-straightgradients.zip27kb11 Jul 07188¤ Murks-pictures-straightgradients - Murks! pictures: StraightGradients
murks-powerpc-aros.zip0.6.0289kb10 Mar 09137¤ Murks-powerpc-aros - Murks IDE
murks.espaol.zip1.01kb18 Dec 07173¤ Murks - Spanish catalog for Murks! IDE
murks_italian_catalogs.zip1.0881b17 Dec 07121¤ Murks_italian_catalogs - Italian Catalog for Murks! IDE >= Version 0.5.3
murks_polish_catalogs.zip1.01kb07 Jan 08180¤ Murks_polish_catalogs - Murks polish catalog
murks_spanish_catalogs.zip1.0889b18 Dec 07108¤ Murks_spanish_catalogs - Murks! IDE Spanish catalog
murks_x86_64-aros.zip0.6.0266kb10 Mar 09194¤ Murks_x86_64-aros - Murks IDE for 64Bit AROS
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