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Description: Keycode table for "hosted" on Compaq Presario
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 23kb
Version: 1
Date: 28 Sep 12
Author: Nathan Hesterman
Submitter: Nathan Hesterman
Requirements: linux-hosted AROS
Category: driver/input
License: Public domain
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1211
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Downloads: 111  (Current version)
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This is an alternative keycode tabe for users of the linux "hosted" flavor of

The available tables did not map well to my Compaq Presario R3370 laptop (no
amiga, cursor,"", PgUp, PgDown, Home, End, etc keys.  This table seems to have
no peculiarities :o)
R_Amiga --> R_MenuKey (R_Windows)
L_Amiga --> L_Windows
HELP --> Scroll
Everything else works as written on the key itself.

To install, copy to Devs:Keymaps/X11 on the AROS side.  Make backup of the
existing table and rename this file as keycode2rawkey.table.

This was built with the brute force method using a Calc spreadsheet
(X11toAmigaKeyboardMapping.ods), hex editor, and xev (Xwindows event viewer)
under Ubuntu 11.04.  The table seems to provide simple translation.  For example
using my particular keyboard, when the letter 'e' is hit, X11 generates a
decimal 26.  AROS hosted looks at the 26th byte (27th entry as first is zeroeth
byte) in this table and sends the hex value shown (0x12 in my case) to the AROS
side.  So, within the hex editor, the 26th byte should read 0x12.  Hex code FF
is used wherever there is no corresponding X11 key.  I noticed that
change-x11keymaptable uses hex 2B for "" while hex OD works better for me.  The
following method should be usable with any keyboard and linux using X11, I
1.  Open spreadsheet
2   Sort by ID column (arbitrary key order as displayed in
3.  run xev in a linux terminal
4.  start at top left of keyboard and hit a key
5.  place the decimal xev code in the XEV Code column of the spreadsheet
6.  repeat for all keys on your keyboard
7.  Sort spreadsheet by XEV Code
8.  Open keycode2rawkey.table in hex editor
9.  Go line-by-line in the spreadsheet and byte-by-byte in the hex editor to
enter the appropriate hex amiga code in the proper spot of the table.  My wife
called them out to me which went much faster and accurately.
10.  Save
11.  Launch AROS
12.  Test
13.  Correct/modify as wanted/needed

Nathan Hesterman - 9/27/2012

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keycode2rawkey.zip1906b29 Nov 09299¤ Keycode2rawkey - Alternative keycode table for "hosted"
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