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Atomic Bomberman

Description: Atomic Bomberman Fan Rewrite
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 2.3
Date: 13 Apr 20
Author: Daytona675x, original game by Interplay
Submitter: Daytona675x
Requirements: x86, Mesa 3D, original Atomic Bomberman game CD
Category: game/action
Replaces: game/action/
License: Other
Distribute: no
FileID: 2121
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Atomic Bomberman Fan Rewrite

A blast from the past! Literally :)
Daytona675x, the best equipped man in code business, is
proud to present his latest lucubration.

This here is a fan rewrite of the Win95 game
*** Atomic Bomberman ***
from 1997 by Interplay.

It has been coded from scratch, just by watching and
playing the original game on an antique Win98 machine.
Much care has been taken to make the gameplay feel
exactly as if you were playing the old original game.

The intentions were to
- make it work on modern Windows versions again
- make it available on other platforms
- make it work with USB input devices
- allow up to 10 local players

And just recently, due to the Corona crisis:
- add support for online matchs

This rewrite / player program is free to use, at your own risk,
maybe your computer just explodes, who knows.
The *original* game data files of the *original* Windows CD
are required to play this game!

If you don't own it yet then you may buy it here for example:

Note: I don't know if different versions of this CD exist.
This rewrite works with the one I own.

The original CD contains a folder named DATA.
Copy it and its subfolders into the games res/ folder, so
that you end up with a folder structure like this:

on Windows the game will eventually show an UAC requester on
first run. This is because it will extract / cache some files
into its installation folder.

you have to create player control profiles first, otherwise
you can only see the AI play against itself...
Recommended controller: GeeekPi SNES style. A Competition Pro
will do too, you only need 2 buttons and digital 4-way controls).

Noticable differences compared to the original game:
- player profiles, joypad configuration etc. added
- extras description screen added
- HURRY message doesn't occlude the playfield
- correct aspect ratio / scaling on all sorts of screens
- real online playing with multiple players on one machine

Note: this is a party game, it's not meant to be played
alone. Invite friends, get a good load of booze, connect
a beamer or a fat TV to your computer and I guarantee you
some hours of pure fun :) And maybe some ends of friendship :)

Original game info and credits:

+ lots of USB joypads
+ original Atomic Bomberman game CD
+ AROS: x86, e.g. Icaros >= 2.2.0, Mesa 3D

Known issues:
- don't toggle fullscreen once you went beyond level selection. 
  Undefinied behaviour, I was too lazy to correctly recreate
  the internal texture-atlases.
- first level-enter might take a few seconds, that's when all
  texture-atlases etc. are prepared.
- make sure to use a good USB hub. Also, if a gamepad is lost /
  detached / attached the game won't notice and eventually fail.
- AI isn't really smart - although it's certainly not dumber than
  in the original ;)
- Windows: if you use DS4Windows you may have to check the
  "Hide DS4 Controller" option there if your controller is not
  being detected.

Maybe I'll fix / improve those issues, maybe not. Please don't
bother me with it, take it as is :)


Online Match HowTo

0. prepare control profiles for all your *local* players.
   There can be *any* amount of players on *one* machine!
   So you can e.g. start an online game with two machines but
   with multiple players sitting in front of each machine!
   Of course the general limit of 10 simultan players remains.
   Give your profile your personal player name.
1. get in contact with your remote friends. Make sure that you all
   have the same game version!
2. decide a "Game name", a "Game pass" and which port to use.
   Make sure that your firewall doesn't block that TCPIP port!
3. decide who will act as the "master" (server).
   That should probably be the one with the most stable machine.
   Make sure that your firewall allows incoming connections on the port!
   Of course it doesn't matter which system you use, it's all
   platform independent. No camp wars at this point!
4. give your machine a "nick". It's used for identification on
   the game-join-screen.
5. the master should now "Start new game".
6. then the others can "join game".
7. once all machines joined, the master "continues".
8. now everybody can select a color by clicking fire on the respective
   player color entry.
9. again, the master decides when to continue.
10. now the master selects the level, adjusts the gaming rules and fires
   off the match! Tschatsching!
11. A client can quit the session at any time by hitting ESC.
   Everybody can pause / resume the game by hitting pause / help.
   If all clients or the master quits, then the game session ends.
12. Remember: 1st match start may take a while (black screen) because
   the game constructs all texture atlases internally. And for an
   online match the slowest machine determines the pace.

Version History

- Fix: conveyor belts didn't transport players anymore :P
This bug was introduced with v2.0 when the core logic was modified
to use fix-point math instead of floats for networking and slipped
through unfortunately. Thanks to Valentin for reporting!

- when fixing the above bug the player movement logic was improved too.
Funny enough all this also made the rewrite a bit more exact by
"accident": in the original the conveyor belt has no impact if you try to
move in an orthogonal direction, this is now correctly replicated.

- new gfx option "stretch" to disable the aspect correction. For those
who prefer blown-up bombermen and no black borders like Valentin.

- network sanity check: only identical program versions can connect
for an online match. If you try to join a session with a different
version, you'll be kicked immediately.

- further improved network game join behaviour.

- cleaned up the network menus.

- join-online-session won't block if the server isn't yet reachable.

- Windows installer: readme is installed and gets its own start
menu entry.

- due to the Corona crisis I had to add this: online matchs :)
*** BETA *** There may still be flaws, only tested a bit ;)

- credits, thanks and greetings added.

- disabled some random backgrounds pictures which aren't well
suited for text.

- Erhard asked for it, here it is: a pause function (via pause or help key,
or F12 on Macbooks which don't have any of those other keys :P ).
The intermediate result-screens can be paused too.

- Fix: default key mapping was wrong, up and down keys toggled :P
Thanks to Erhard for reporting!

- team-mode added! In contrast to the original game this rewrite also
supports kills-win-matches in team-mode. Consequently the kills of all
team member are accumulated and presented on the result screen too.
In team mode the players are either part of the white (odd player #)
or red (even player #) team. Btw.: the crappy AI tries to avoid killing
team members ;)

- new game-play mode "Annihilation". If this is activated, then
every player has the glove, the punch and a 10000 jelly bombs stock
from the beginning :) Also, if you lift a bomb then you'll immediately
throw it away again ( = autofire). This is truely hardcore!

- Player-select-menu now with clear-all-assignments-button.

- Player-select-menu now with unused/AI-toggle-button.

- Player-select-menu now with assign-by-fire. Consequently a dedicated
"Start"-button has been added to this menu.

- Fix: Match-select-menu, ?translation mixup. It wasn't the conveyor-belt's
size but the stomping wall's size :P

- Fix: Results-stats-screen now shows the correct dedicated background

- Fix: the explosion's last "south" element was missing :P Forgot to
adjust one layout file. Funny enough nobody noticed so far :P

- Fix: the punch-up animation was wrong, it was the same as the punch-down
animation. Reason was that there are several name conflicts with the original's
unpacked asset names. This was one of those (a redundant set of punch-down anim
frames would overwrite the true punch-up anims...) and in this case I forgot
to set a patch. Now I did :) Funny enough nobody noticed so far :P

- Fix: the internal multi_frame command eventually didn't load all anim
frames. Affected some death animations.

- Fix: it could happen that two (or more) floating bombs ended up resting
on the same field. I made a subtle logic change to prevent this. However,
this had some interesting side-effects which I had to compensate for.
Let's hope I cought'em all!

- Fix: bouncing bombs outside the actual playfield eventually made it into the
next match.

- Fix: last Windows-installer was broken, files missing.

- Fix: Windows-version now correctly handles UAC when it comes to decrunching.

- RAM and VRAM requirements *massively* reduced.

- CD DATA detection improved.

- initial release.

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