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Description: Port of Gladiator (Gauntlet style DOS game)
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 0.98
Date: 23 Aug 18
Author: Zardus, Sean Ford
Submitter: cavemann
Category: game/action
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1740
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Videos: 0
Downloads: 77  (Current version)
77  (Accumulated)
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If you start this game with AmiStart and the in-game menu buttons
don't respond, please try clicking on the left side of the screen
(That should close the Amistart menu on the Wb screen). Then the
game buttons should work as expected.


Openglad is a port of the open-sourced dos game known as Gladiator
( It is a top-view gauntlet style RPG that
features fast paced multiplayer action, several different classes, and
a scenario editor.


Read the in-game help for help on how to play (press f1 in a level or read

[1] Keyboard Controls

  [1.a] Description
  Gladiator is designed to allow up to four players to use the
  keyboard at once (although we admit it would be rather
  cramped).  Each player has a number of 'action' keys, such as
  movement or attacking, and also a set of preferences, which
  are reached from the 'options menu,' and control things such
  as game speed or viewport size.  Important to remember are the
  'ESC' key, which will abort your current mission and return
  you to the 'picker' screen, and the 'F1' key, which will bring
  up a brief help display during the game.

  [1.b] Movement keys
  Player 1       Player 2       Player 3       Player 4
  --------       --------       --------       -------- 
  7  8  9        Q  W  E        U  I  O        R  T  Y
    | /           | /           | /           | /
  4-   -6        A-   -D        J-   -L        F-   -H
   / |           / |           / |           / | 
  1  2  3        Z  X  C        M  ,  .        V  B  N

  [1.c] Other 'action' keys
  Other keys used 'actively' while playing the game are:
  Action     Player 1       Player 2       Player 3       Player 4
  ------     --------       --------       --------       -------- 

  Fire       INSERT         CONTROL        SPACE          5 (non numeric)

  Special    ENTER          ALT            Semicolon(;)   6 (non numeric)

  Cycle      - (numeric)    1              7              3

  Switch     + (numeric)    TAB            BACKSPACE      EQUALS (=)

  Shifter    DELETE         LEFT-SHIFT     RIGHT-SHIFT    - (non numeric)

  Yell       5 (numeric)    S              K              G

  Options    Asterisk       2              8              4
  Menu       (numeric)

  Not all of these keys will work at all times.  For example, if
  your special costs 100 magic points and you only have 50,
  pressing your special key won't have an effect.  Similarly,
  if you are a first-level mage and don't have the 'warp-space'
  spell, you can't cycle through other specials because you don't
  have them.

  The 'shifter' key can be used in combination with others.  In
   * Shifter + Yell    : Summon NPC's on your team to come fight with
                         or protect you.
   * Shifter + Switch  : Switch to next TYPE of team member; ie, jump
                         to your first archer.
   * Shifter + Special : Invoke a related version of a special ability.
                         For example, shifter+special when a Mage has
                         the Teleport ability selected will attempt to
                         place a 'marker' for future teleports.
                         Note that not all specials have an alternate!

  [1.d] Options menu
  From the options menu you can control several aspects of the
  game.  Some of these affect only you, while others change the
  game state for all players.  While the options menu is open,
  gameplay pauses for all characters (and enemies!).

   * +/- : Make the game run slower or faster (for all)
   * [/] : Enlarge or shrink your viewscreen (player-specific)
   * </> : Brighten or darken the game screen (for all)

   *   C : Toggle color-cycling on or off (for all)
   *   F : Toggle the foes/allies display on or off (player-specific)
   *   H : Cycle through hitpoint/spellpoint display modes (player-spec.)
   *   K : Change the default keyboard mapping (player-specific)
   *   R : Toggle radar display on or off (player-specific)
   *   S : Toggle the score/exp display on or off (player-specific)
   *   T : Bring up an overview of your team's status

[2] Overview
    Gladiator is a gauntlet style, real-time arcade game where you
  (the red team) must set out to destroy your enemies (and pick up
  treasure!) in a variety of scenarios.  You get to sharpen the 
  skills of your team as you progress through the levels, and each
  character class (Fighter, Mage, etc.) has a number of special
  abilities which come into play as your character gains levels.

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