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Description: Lode Runner clone
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 384kb
Version: 145.4
Date: 26 Sep 22
Author: David Ashley, Barry Mead
Submitter: cavemann
Category: game/platform
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 2573
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Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 23  (Current version)
23  (Accumulated)
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Scavenger and this README file were written by David Ashley. dash()
SDL version enhancements were contributed by Barry Mead barrymead()

You can download this game at

 --  DISCLAIMER  ---------------------------------------------------------

USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! Authors are not responsible for any damage
this software may cause.

 --  GAME PLAY  ----------------------------------------------------------

Scavenger is like Lode Runner. You've got to run around gathering objects
while avoiding enemies. You can dig down through some of the blocks to get
at buried objects. After you've collected everything, ladders may appear.
To finish the level you've got to exit through the top of the screen. If
an enemy falls into a dug brick, he is stunned for a while. If the brick
fills in with him in it, he is killed, and he will reappear at the top of
the screen.

This version has a level editor for designing your own levels, and a
graphics editor for drawing your own artwork.

 --  GAME CONTROLS  ------------------------------------------------------

The default control is with the arrow keys and the left Ctrl and Alt
buttons as shown below.

Up arrow:    Move player up
Down arrow:  Move player down
Left arrow:  Move player left
Right arrow: Move player right
Left Ctrl:   Dig to the left
Left Alt:    Dig to the right

As of version 1.3 you can remap the movement and digging keys. From the
main menu press the F10 key, then press the key you want to define for
each described control function.  During the key remapping process if
you press the Escape key the old key definitions remain unchanged.

Here are some other useful keys to remember.

Keypad Plus     Skip to next level (Works in demo or play modes)
Keypad Minus    Skip to previous level (Works in demo or play modes)
k               Kill the player (useful if he's trapped)
L-Shift         Auxiliary Kill key (faster to find blind)
Escape          Toggle between demo and play modes
Space           Go to the main menu (only in demo mode)
Pause           Pauses the game (press Pause again to Unpause)
Alt X           Exit the game

See the file DOC for more details about scavenger.
See the file STRATEGY to learn how to get the highest scores.

 --  CHANGELOG  ----------------------------------------------------------

See the changelog file for a history of scavenger.

 --  COPYING  ------------------------------------------------------------

This program is released under the GPL license.  See the file COPYIING
for full details of the GPL License.

 --  COMPILING AND INSTALLATION  -----------------------------------------


Verify that you have installed the libSDL, SDL-image, SDL-gfx, and 
SDL-sound libraries.  Some linux distributions require you to install the
SDL-gfx-devel, SDL-image-devel and SDL-sound-devel libraries as well.

Untar the sdlscav-145.tgz (version may vary) file in your home directory.
cd ~
tar -xzf sdlscav-145.tgz
change to the new directory created by the untar.
cd sdlscav-145
su root
make install

Be sure that your have /usr/local/bin in your PATH environment variable.
type: echo $PATH
to verify.

Run the program by typing: sdlscav

If you run SDL Scavenger with the -h or --help option it will display a
help page describing how to use the other command line options. (i.e.)

sdlscav --help


Download the latest SDL libraries for windows from:

The file you want is "" (Assuming you are using the
Microsoft Visual C++ version 5,6, or 7).

Using a DOS terminal window, change to the root directory and unzip the file there.  If you use a program like winzip,
be sure that you select the root directory "C:" as the location where
you want the files to be unzipped.  The SDL library should end up in the
C:SDL-1.2.14  directory, and the scavenger files should end up in the
C:sdlscav-145 directory.

cd c:
cd c:
copy c:SDL-1.2.14/lib/SDL.dll c:sdlscav-145

Download "MSVCRTD.DLL" and put it in the c:windowssystem32 directory.
This is the runtime library for Microsoft Visual C++ which is required
to run all programs compiled with the Microsoft compiler.  You can find
it several places on the internet.  Use to find a download

If you don't have VisualC++ just run the sdlscav.exe
provided in the zip file.

If you wish to compile your own and make changes, then use
the following instructions for recompiling from source.

Using the "windows explorer" (file manager) select a directory
for Visual C++ 7.0, select the directory 
or for Visual C++ 6.0, select the directory

There you will find the project file for your type of compiler.
Double click on the project file and the IDE will open.

Click on the "File View" tab of the workspace window.
Then Right Click on the "sdlscav_vc6 files" item
and left click on build

For Visual C++ 7.0 the item will be labeled sdlscav.
For Visual C++ 6.0 the item will be labeled sdlscav_vc6.

After the compiler is done, close the IDE window.

Now using the "windows explorer" (file manager) copy the
sdlscav.exe or sdlscav_vc6.exe from the directory it was
compiled in to the c:sdlscav-145 directory and make sure
it is named sdlscav.exe .

Also copy the c:SDL-1.2.14libSDL.dll file to the 
c:sdlscav-145 directory.

Now you can run sdlscav.exe from the "windows explorer" by 
double clicking on its file name.

You may also create a shortcut to this file for your desktop
using the icon in c:sdlscav-145datascav.bmp

File Version Size Date Dls Readme
sdlscav.i386-aros.zip145.18329kb17 Apr 06387¤ Sdlscav - SDL Scavenger A Lode Runner like game
sdlscav.src.zip145.18295kb17 Apr 06180¤ Sdlscav - SDL Scavenger A Lode Runner like game
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