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Description: An engine for the top-down RPG Dink Smallwood.
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 31Mb
Version: 108.4
Date: 10 Apr 23
Author: Seth Robinson, Dan Walma, Sylvain Beucler
Submitter: cavemann
Requirements: This game has timidity music
Category: game/roleplaying
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 2672
Comments: 2
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Videos: 0
Downloads: 23  (Current version)
23  (Accumulated)
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This is GNU FreeDink, a portable and enhanced version of the Dink
Smallwood game engine.

About Dink Smallwood

Dink Smallwood is an adventure/role-playing game, similar to Zelda,
made by RTsoft. Besides twisted humour, it includes the actual game
editor, allowing players to create hundreds of new adventures called
Dink Modules or D-Mods for short. The Dink Network
( hosts a copy of almost all of them.

GNU FreeDink

GNU FreeDink is a new and portable version of the game engine, which
runs the original game as well as its D-Mods, with close
compatibility, under multiple platforms.

FreeDink can run in 2 modes:

* v1.08 (default): this matches the latest release of the Dink engine,
  which includes some new features and some backward-incompatible
  changes. Use it for recent D-Mods.

* v1.07 (with option '--v1.07'): this matches v1.07 of the Dink
  engine, essentially unmodified since 1998. Use it to play D-Mods
  released before 2006.

Next step is extending the engine while preserving accurate support
for released D-Mods.

On the technical level, the internals of the engines experience a
clean-up to allow for portability and later improvements.

Check out FreeDink's website at .

Game keys

Keyboard controls
  <ARROW KEYS>	Makes Dink walk/push
  <CTRL>	Attack/Use equipped item/Select option
  <SPACE>	Talk/Examine/Manipulate
  <SHIFT>	Use equipped magic
  <ENTER>	Inventory/Equip screen
  <ESC>		Options
  <M>		Display map (if you have one)
  <Alt-Return>	Toggle fullscreen mode
  <Tab>		When maintained, enable Turbo mode

Keyboard controls: Inventory/Equip screen
  <ARROW KEYS>	Highlight Item/Weapon or Magic
  <CTRL>	Select highlighted Item/Weapon or Magic
  <ENTER>	Exit inventory screen

Joystick/Gamepad controls
  <ANY DIR.>	Makes Dink walk/push
  <BUTTON 1>	Attack/Use equipped item/Select option
  <BUTTON 2>	Talk/Examine/Manipulate
  <BUTTON 3>	Use equipped magic
  <BUTTON 4>	Inventory/Equip screen
  <BUTTON 5>	Options
  <BUTTON 6>	Display map (if you have one)

Joystick/Gamepad controls: Inventory/Equip screen
  <ANY DIR.>	Highlight Item/Weapon or Magic
  <BUTTON 1>	Select highlighted Item/Weapon or Magic
  <BUTTON 4>	Exit Inventory/Equip screen

  <Alt-M>	Stop playing current MIDI song
  <Alt-Q>	Quick quit to Windows
  <Alt-D>	Enable debug mode

D-Mods may add additional keys, usually they will explain it within
the game.

The original game contained sounds that were not owned by RTsoft and
hence could not be released under a free license.  We're looking for
free replacements!  Please send contributions at bug-freedink()
See for more information.

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.

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