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 Readme for:  Network » Email » yam26-aros-x86_64.lha


Description: YAM 2.6 - MUI-based E-mail client
Download: yam26-aros-x86_64.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 2.6
Date: 22 Feb 10
Author: YAM Open Source Team (
Submitter: Jens Langner
Email: Jens Langner/light-speed de
Requirements: x86_64-aros
Category: network/email
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 709
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Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 65  (Current version)
65  (Accumulated)
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                           YAM - Version 2.6

About YAM
YAM (Yet Another Mailer) lets you send and receive electronic mail (e-mail)
over the Internet and maintain archives  of messages in your computer via a
graphical  user interface.  The idea  came to  the original  author (Marcel
Beck)  back in  1995  when  he first  tried  using  e-mail. The  programmes
available at the time were either powerful but complicated to configure, or
else  used a  too  limiting user  interface. The  goal,  therefore, was  to
program a  cross between AdMail and  AirMail, with a few  ideas coming from
Pegasus Mail.

While  earlier  versions  of  YAM were  developed  closed  source,  today's
versions are developed  by an independent open source  community. Since the
year 2000 a group of mixed developers maintain YAM and release new versions
from time  to time.  While these  versions are all  targeted for  the Amiga
platform,  versions of  different AmigaOS  incarnations are  supplied. This
includes native  PowerPC ports to  modern Amiga platforms like  AmigaOS4 or

Before you start the installation
YAM 2.5+ not only uses newer  configuration files, the files  used to store
separate emails are named differently  as well. Therefore, before you start
the  installation  script to  overwrite  your  existing installation,  it's
strongly recommended that you create a backup of your old YAM installation,
including all folders  and configuration files. Afterwards  you can install
the update into your old YAM directory  if you wish. On  start-up, YAM 2.5+
will automatically convert  your old  configuration files  to the  new 2.5+
format,  and after  being  started,  YAM will  rename  your  old emails  as
necessary,  always under  your control.  It  is also  recommended that  you
re-save your  configuration as  soon as  possible in  order to  update your
.config  file to  the new  format, which  will reveal  all the  new options

In addition,  please note  that since  YAM 2.5 no  YAM: assign  is required
anymore. That means, you may even install it in a new location and start it
right  away from  there  without  having to  touch  your old  installation.
Afterwards you  may manually import  the mails from your  old installation.

What's new
Here's a  list (in  alphabetical order)  of the  brave developers  who have
contributed   to    this   release    since   the   last    official   one:

              Alexey Ivanov
              David Rey
              Guenther Nikl
              Jens Langner
              Joerg Strohmayer
              Matthias Rustler
              Olaf Barthel
              Thore Boeckelmann

And here's a  PARTIAL list of the  changes in this version  with respect to
the previous official update:

- updated translations for czech, french, german, greek, italian and swedish
- updated default theme images by Martin 'Mason' Merz.
- added import and export functions for alien address books (i.e. XML files
  as used by SimpleMail).
- AmigaOS4.1's new notification system will can used to inform the user about
  new received mails.
- improved handling of header lines in general and especially malformed header
  lines by certain Microsoft software.
- improved download and export speed of mails by optimizing the amount of data
  shown on the screen. Overall the speed increased about 200%.
- improved the spam handling by treating the user's address book as a white
- rewritten RFC2047 and RFC2822 routines to match the current RFC
- individual character sets can now be configured for reading and writing mails
  instead of having one character set for all actions.
- improved ARexx command handling and extended command set.
- all error messages which occured during a mail transfer now include the
  account name to make it easier to spot the faulty account in case a user has
  more than one account at the same provider.
- mail attachments are displayed as a scrollable virtual group to be able to
  show an unlimited number of files.
- all balance object use the new NBalance.mcc class which supports custom
  mouse pointers.
- foreign characters with a mail may be converted to either "?" or similar look
  alike characters.
- reduced overall stack usage by using dynamically allocated memory when needed.
- the text font and style can be configured independently for reading and
  writing mails .
- the spam training data can be optimized to keep the data base small by
  very rarely used word.
- made the date scanning of birthdays locale aware.
- added various AROS versions (i386, ppc, x86_64).
- added NOSPLASHWINDOW tooltype to start/quit YAM silently.
- on AmigaOS4.1 the new URL: device will be preferred over openurl.library to
  invoke a browser.
- lots of other improvement we don't remember right now (keep in mind:
  more than 2 years of development was put into YAM 2.6!) :)

If  you want  to have  a more  detailed technical  information on  what was
actually  changed, please  have a  look at  the included  'ChangeLog' file.

What is still missing?
- lots of translators! YAM 2.4 featured lots of different languages, but
  due to the large amount of changed texts these catalogs are completely
  outdated. Especially support for such common languages as Danish,
  Finnish, Spanish, etc. is currently missing. If you are a native speaker
  of a language that YAM does not offer (anymore), then please contact us.
- lots of documentation! As with the translation, the documentation largely
  lags behind. Again, if you are a native speaker (even for English) and if
  you are interested in updating/writing YAM's documentation then please
  contact us.
- now that YAM 2.5+ comes with a new themes management, users are free to
  create own themes in a fashion that allow them to exchange them with
  other users. So go and create your own themes and submit them via
  AmiNET&Co! :)

Source code
Due to lack of time and motivation, Marcel Beck stopped working on YAM back
in 2000, but the sources were released under the GNU General Public License
at If you want to  help developing this program further or
perhaps you are considering a port  to a different operating system, please
consider joining the YAM Open Source team  instead of doing it on your own.
Our  home page  is  at  from which  you  can obtain  all
necessary  information   to  contact  us.   We  want  to  hear   from  you!

If you  like the development of  YAM and you  want to give our  open source
developers an additional motivation to continue  to update YAM in future or
if you simply want to say "Thanks", the YAM project accepts money donations
via PayPal.  All the  donations during  a release  cycle are  collected and
divided by considering  the activity of each developer during  the time the
development lasted. This way we hope  to attract more developers in future,
which   in   turn  should   give   you   a   new  version   more   quickly.

So in  case you  want to support  our efforts to  develop a  modern up2date
e-mail client  for modern AmigaOS-based  systems, please consult  the above
URL for more information on how to donate to us.

Online resources
As  YAM is  an  open  source development  effort,  we  have several  online
resources cover your daily YAM needs:      - Official Support Homepage - Direct path to the download page      - Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)     - Bugtracker and Feature Requests    - Web-based online forum

   For Developers:  - Access to automatic nightly developer
                             snapshots      - Web-based source code SVN access    - Daily updated development statistics

        / /
   __  / /   Only Amiga makes it possible...
   \ \/ /

Amiga is a trademark of Amiga, Inc.

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