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Description: Get file disk or memory information
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Size: 22kb
Date: 11 Nov 07
Author: Peter Hutchison
Submitter: Peter Hutchison
Email: pjhutch/pcguru plus com
Category: utility/shell
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
FileID: 265
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Program: GetAvailMem, GetInfo, GetFileInfo 
Author: Peter Hutchison 


AmigaDOS is a very useful language but limited when it comes to scripts.
These programs get their information but instead of displaying them like
Avail, Info and List does, it sets variables, ready to be used by your
script programs. 


Format: GetAvailMem [CHIP|FAST|ALL]

Description: This little program will return available memory in a global
environment variable called: MEMORY.

Example:  1.RAM> GetAvailMem Chip
          1.RAM> Getenv memory
          1.RAM> echo $Memory

Format: GetInfo <device> [ERR|UNIT|STATE|BLOCKS|USED|TYPE]

Description: This program will return information about a device and 
returns either a number or text in a variable called: INFO.
   Option      Result      Description
   ERR         Number      Number of soft errors on the device
   UNIT        Number      Results the unit number where device is
   STATE       Text        Returns the following states:
                           PROTECTED, VALIDATED, VALIDATING
   BLOCKS      Number      Returns number of blocks on disk
   USED        Number      Returns number of blocks used by data
   TYPE        Text        Returns the following types:
                           NODISK, UNREAD, DOSDISK, FFSDISK,
                           NOTDOS, KICKSTART, MSDOS.
Example: 1.RAM> Getinfo df0: used
         1.RAM> Getenv info
         1.RAM> Getinfo df0: type
         1.RAM> Getenv info


Description: Returns information about the file in an environment variable
called FILE. The options return the following:

   Option   Type     Description
   TYPE     Text     File type: FILE or DIRECTORY
   NAME     Text     Name of file
   PRO      Text     The protection bits (not working very well)
   SIZE     Number   The size of the file in bytes
   BLOCKS   Number   The size of the file in blocks
   COMMENT  Text     The file note attached to the file
Example:  1.RAM> GetFileInfo MyFile.txt size
          1.RAM> Getenv file

This archive and its contents belong to Peter Hutchison but it is 
FreeWare. You may make as many copies as you wish and use it where
you wish. The source is included for Programmers.

   Files:  GetFileInfo.c     GetFileInfo
           GetInfo.c         GetInfo
           GetAvailMem.c     GetAvailMem

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