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Description: Drag-n-Drop Icons or use FileReq for Icon Exchange
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 23kb
Version: 1.0.7
Date: 14 Jan 22
Author: Mike R.
Submitter: Mike R.
Requirements: AROS PNG Datatype, AROS GadTools
Category: utility/workbench
Replaces: utility/workbench/
License: APL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 2450
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Snapshots: 0
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Downloads: 23  (Current version)
24  (Accumulated)
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IconClone is a small and simple GadTools GUI to copy the icon images
from a source icon to a destination icon. 

No tooltypes or other attributes
will be overwritten if there is already an icon at the destination.
If there's no existing icon but a default icon is being used for destination 
a default icon will be saved to disk to be used for the icon image exchange.
In that way an icon can be assigned to a file without an existing icon.
If a default icon is used as source icon those images will be exchanged.


IconClone GUI Usage:
"Drop Drawers with Icons or Default Icons for Drawers without Icons"
"Drop Files with Icons or Default Icons for Files without Icons"

Note: Resulting Icon will retain "Destination Icon Attributes"
while also acquiring the icon images from the Source Icon.


Display Areas:
Left Side = Source Icon Display
Right Side = Destination Icon Display

SourceIcon(Alternate Icon with Images)
Destination(Original Icon to receive Images)

Center Buttons:
Source File Requester ('?') Top Button.
Exchange Icon/Reverse ('<->') Middle Button.
Destination File Requester ('?') Bottom Button.

Note: After performing an Icon Exchange press the "Exchange" Button again
to Reverse the Exchange. The Original (Destination) Icon is restored. After
the first exchange the button acts as a toggle to keep switching icon images.
The "Undo Exchange" functionality is available until a new icon is dropped.


PNG Datatype, CyberGraphx, GadTools

Currently IconClone only works with PNG Icons.
In a future version support for OS3.5 icons & PowerIcons is planned.

1. The Source Icon must be present on the system.
2. The Source Icon must have ".info" file extension.
2. If Destination Icon already exists it will be used.
3. If Destination doesn't exist default icon will be copied from

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