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Description: pal32 - set first 32 Workbench colors
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 207kb
Version: .8
Date: 12 Nov 12
Author: cavemann
Submitter: cavemann
Category: utility/workbench
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1227
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Pal32 is a quick and dirty cli program for anyone who wants to
experiment with small color palettes.  Changing the palette colors
could make the Workbench difficult to use, so the palettes have been
arranged to minimize the problem.

The idea was to try and set the first 16 colors of all the palettes,
with hues similar to the Rebel palette.  That should make the palettes
compatible with Workbench. On any additional colors, it was attempted
to follow roygbiv, and then the gray scale.

pal32 has 7 palettes to choose from.  It sets the first 32 colors of the
Aros Workbench to the color palette of your choice.  If a selected palette
does not have 32 colors, then the remaining colors are filled with black.

If you would like to use one of these palettes for every day use, just
call on pal32 from the Aros User-startup script.  Pal32 text messages
have been kept to a minimum for this reason.

If another graphics program has control of the palette, pal32 may not
be able to get a good lock on the color it wants to change. Just close
the other program and try pal32 again.

With no command arguments, pal32 will display a help message.  Help will
tell you what palettes are available.  To try a palette, just add the
letter of the palette you want. For example, 'pal32 -t' will set up the
Tango palette.

   pal32 <-option>

  -r  Rebel palette   (16 colors)
  -c  CGA             (16 colors)
  -e  Echo            (27 colors)
  -t  Tango           (27 colors) 
  -d  Deluxe Paint 4  (32 colors)
  -p  Personal Paint  (32 colors)
  -n  Nightly          (4 colors)
  -l  Load         (load palette)

If you would like to load a 32 color ILBM palette from Dpaint, save
the palette as "pal32.col" and put it in the pal32 drawer.  Then use
the -l (load) option and your custom colors will load into Workbench.
When making your custom palettes be careful to place the colors in a
sequence that is compatible with workbench, or the results could be
difficult to read and use.

There are some nifty tools in the Aros demos drawer.  If you want to
change a single color on the workbench, use rtpalette. It can also
swap colors.  Or you can use palettedemo, if you just want to see
what colors are available on the workbench.

FYI: If you compare the palettes, you will see that the nightly uses
only four of the first 32 palette colors.  This is because Aros
stores the Zune colors in the upper palette area.

Finally, thanks to Steffen Mars. The Amiga utility LoadCMAP was a good
reference for making this palette tool.


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