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 Readme for:  Utility » Workbench »


Description: CLI tool to manipulate icon data
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 24kb
Version: 1.19
Date: 20 Sep 07
Author: Dirk Stoecker
Submitter: Olivier Tigréat
Category: utility/workbench
License: Other
Distribute: yes
FileID: 244
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Downloads: 339  (Current version)
339  (Accumulated)
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About AROS port by Olivier Tigréat:

This is Dirk Stoecker's ProcessIcon compiled for i386-Aros.
Not yet tested on hosted but works well on native.
What I did is trying to compile on AmiDevCpp... and I had success.
Many thanks to Dirk for this tool (and for its sources!),
and for allowing me to upload this archive on Aminet!

Author :    Dirk Stoecker    stoecker at amigaworld dot com

Uploader :  Olivier Tigreat  olivier dot tigreat at gmail dot com

From original Readme:



A lot of options :-) When you need some more, please contact me. It is
most time really easy to implement them!

ICON     The icon you want to manipulate. When it does not exist, it is
         created (works only, when at least a drawer or file of that name
REFICON  Reference icon for copy options.
VIEW     Show some information about ICON. Any other options are disabled by
         this one.
OPT      Remove useless stuff in ICON (f.e. DrawerData for Project-Icons).
UNSNAP   Removes position information of ICON. This can be done with
         Workbench menu as well.
REMAP	 Switches fore- and background color when only 1 bitplane or
         color 2 and 3 (black and white) for 2 and more bitplanes. This is
         to support those old OS1.3 style icons still appearing sometimes.
SHOWTYPE Only show icon type and name in one line. Any other options are
         disabled by this one.

NI2CI	 Converts NewIcon images to OS3.5 icon data.
MWB2CI	 Converts MagicWB icons to OS3.5 icons with correct palette.
II2CI	 Convert standard icons to OS3.5 icon data. Useful for later
MAKECI	 This equals II2CI for old style icons and "NI2CI KNI" for new icons.
	 For icons with NewIcon and OS3.5 data it means "KNI". It is useful
	 to add KII and OPT keyword to reduce size.

SBP Set number of bitplanes. Reducing number of bitplanes may make older
    icons look better.
SDT Set default tool of ICON.
SIT Set type of ICON. Allowed types are: "Disk", "Drawer", "Tool",
    "Project", "Garbage", "Device", "Kick" and "AppIcon".
SSS Set the stack size to any value.
ST1 Set transparent color 1 of OS3.5 data (-1 == no transparency)
ST2 Set transparent color 2 of OS3.5 data (-1 == no transparency)
SXP Set left position of ICON.
SYP Set upper position of ICON.

KCI Kills OS3.5 color icon data.
KDD Kill DrawerData in ICON. This does delete drawer data for tool and
    project icons. For drawers and disks the data is not deleted, but
    replaced by default data.
KDT Delete default tool in ICON.
KII Replace icon image with that 5x5 box used by NewIcons. This option
    also sets bitplanes to 3, so you cannot use SBP option.
KNI Delete NewIcon images from ICON.
KSS Set Stacksize in ICON to 0 (this is default and used as size 4096).
KTT Remove ToolTypes from ICON, but leave NewIcon image intact.

CCI Copy OS3.5 color icon data from REFICON to ICON.
CDD Copy DrawerData from REFICON to ICON. This size, position and view
    state of a drawer window (not of the icon). Only useful for drawers.
CDT Copy default tool from REFICON to ICON. Only useful for Project icons.
CII Copy the image (or maybe two images) from REFICON to ICON. This
    also affects the icon position. The position is changed in a way,
    so that the icon text appears at same position as before.
CIT Copy the icon type from REFICON to ICON.
CNI Copy NewIcon image from REFICON to ICON.
CSS Copy Stacksize form REFICON to ICON.
CTT Copy ToolTypes from REFICON to ICON (but ignore NewIcon image stuff).

Beginning with version 1.13 the program no longer treats NewIcon data as
ToolTypes! CTT and KTT only affect the tooltypes and CNI and KNI only
affect the NewIcon image data (which are in real tooltypes as well).
Since version 1.14 OS3.5 icons are handled correctly.

Some notes:
  Starting with OS3.5, stacksizes below 4096 are always raised to value 4096.
  This also affects KSS-Option.

  If the copy arguments are used and there is no such data in REFICON, the
  argument equals the function of kill arguments (replace by nothing).

  If an icon contains both NewIcon and OS3.5 stuff, after modifications the
  OS3.5 stuff disappears.

  All the CI options need OS3.5 running.

! Using this tool with OS3.5 icons without running OS3.5 destroys the color
! image information of the icons. Also OS3.5 icons cannot be detected without
! running OS 3.5.

I myself use option CII to replace various text, guide or drawer icons with
my default icons without losing icon positions and DrawerData. This is done
by a click on a DirWork button. (For DirOpus users it should be easy as

Please report me bugs, comments, suggestions and problems. If possible
write a little mail if you use the program sometimes. If there are some
Enforcer hits or other problems report them as good as possible.

Use it as you want, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY!

Please contact me:

* snail-mail:                  * e-mail:                               *
*   Dirk Stoecker              *   stoecker()             *
*   Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 10 *   dstoecker()                    *
*   01877 Bischofswerda        * world wide web:                       *
*   GERMANY                    *      *
* phone:                       * pgp key:                              *
*   GERMANY +49 (0)3594/706666 *   get with finger or from WWW pages   *

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