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File Category Version Size Date Dls Readme
fig_datatype.i386-aros.zipdat/ima1.0299kb08 Aug 181¤ FIG datatype - Picture datatype for FIG format
jpg_dtt_install.i386-aros.rardat/ima0.4134kb03 Oct 1383¤ Alt Jpeg Datatype - An alternative Jpeg Datatype
koala_datatype.i386-aros.lhadat/ima1.0215kb08 Aug 182¤ koala datatype - C64 KoalaPainter DataType
pnm_dt.i386-aros.lhadat/ima1.16kb09 Jul 10175¤ Pnm_dt - PNM datatype
spu_datatype.i386-aros.zipdat/ima1.06kb08 Aug 181¤ Spectrum512 datatype - Spectrum 512 datatype
svg_datatype.i386-aros.zipdat/ima1.073kb08 Aug 181¤ SVG Datatype - Picture datatype for SVG format based on nanoSVG
xbm_datatype.i386-aros.zipdat/ima1.06kb08 Aug 182¤ XBM datatype - XBM datatype
xpm_datatype.i386-aros.zipdat/ima1.011kb08 Aug 181¤ XPM Datatype - XPM Datatype
zxscr_datatype.i386-aros.lhadat/ima1.027kb08 Aug 182¤ ZX Spectrum datatype - ZX Spectrum screen DataType
picdt_creationpackage_v2.0.i386-aros.zipdat/uti1.0251kb24 Mar 1732¤ Picdt_creationpackage - Picture Datatype creation package
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