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File Version Size Date Dls Readme
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cbio_aros.zip1.023kb28 Jan 09182¤ Cbio_aros - "cbio" port
getdoc_aros.lha1.0507kb02 Jul 0884¤ Getdoc_aros - GetDoc is a Tool to extract source code docs
memleak_1.0-aros-i386.zip1.016kb26 Jun 07142¤ Memleak_1 - Aids discovery of memory leaks in programs
subversion-1.1.4.i386-aros.zip1.1.44Mb03 Jun 1463¤ subversion - Tools to work with subversion repositories
subversion-1.1.4.src-aros.zip1.1.49Mb03 Jun 1459¤ subversion - Tools to work with subversion repositories
autodocreader_1v4_1.lha1v4_1301kb25 Nov 07120¤ Autodocreader_1v4_1 - View autodocs, C headers and text files
aspireos_v.2.0_i386.rar2.00148Mb12 Feb 181081¤ AspireOS - AspireOS codename:Titan
aspireos_v.2.2.rar2.2updated150Mb13 Nov 18110¤ AspireOS Native - AspireOS codename "Obitus"
2011-05-24-adf-bin.68k-aros.zip2011-05-241004kb25 May 1184¤ 2011-05-24-adf-bin - Latest bins and adf only for m68k
bump.i386-aros.zip3.513kb09 May 0959¤ Bump - Automatic version generator, fully configurable.
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