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File Category Version Size Date Dls Readme
muibase.i386-aros.zipoff/dat2.93Mb12 Jun 10206¤ Muibase - Programmable relational database with GUI
etb.i386.zipoff/mis282kb04 Sep 05227¤ Etb - Extended Trial Balance
hex2-02.arm-aros.lhaoff/mis0.2225kb05 Jan 197¤ hex2-arm - A simple calculator with variables with mui gui
loan-i386.lhaoff/mis38kb14 Jul 1077¤ Loan-i386 - Calculates Compound-interest loans (MUI)
metadiary.i386-aros.zipoff/mis2011220kb31 Oct 175¤ metaDiary - Color-coded activity log.
arkuz-v1.0-i386-aros.tar.gzoff/spr1.0526kb13 Feb 11271¤ Arkuz-v1.0-i386-aros - Arkuz is a spreadsheet program
ignition-english-docs.tar.gzoff/spr30kb02 Sep 1185¤ Ignition-english-docs - Ignition Robo Translation from German to English
cinnamonwriter.i386-aros.lhaoff/wor0.8015Mb27 Jun 17112¤ Cinnamon Writer - Word Processor
cinnamonwriter.i386-aros.zipoff/wor0.674Mb09 Feb 1770¤ cinnamon writer - word processor
dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.30.zipoff/wor4Mb09 Feb 1758¤ dejavu-fonts-for-cw - addon for cinnamon writer
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