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Description: Script for building AROS from the source code
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 3kb
Version: 1.10
Date: 08 Aug 13
Author: Matthias Rustler & misc. contributors
Submitter: Matthias Rustler
Email: mrustler/gmx de
Requirements: Linux
Category: development/cross
Replaces: development/cross/
License: Public domain
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1328
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Snapshots: 0  [View]
Downloads: 91  (Current version)
476  (Accumulated)

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Bash script for building AROS from the Subversion or GIT repository.

It does (interactively):
* Installing the prerequisites (currently only for Debian
  and similar (e.g.Ubuntu), Fedora and Arch Linux).
* Checkout of AROS source code from the SVN or GIT repo.
* Configuring
* Building

Please, send improvements back to me (especially support for other Linuxes)

1.10 2013-08-03
- prerequisites updated
- wrong directory name corrected

1.9 2012-04-23
- added libpng12-dev to prerequisites for Debian (Ubuntu)
- removed the option to select a particular GCC version
  because that's no longer supported on ABIv1.

1.8 2011-04-17
- added the ability to fetch/configure/build both v0 and v1

1.7 2010-12-24
- download sources with Git
- removed option to download contrib/necessary (no longer available)

1.6 2010-12-08
- added bzip2 to the prerequisites

1.5 2010-07-07
- support for Arch Linux from Brad Mccormack
- option to download "ports" archive
- option to select host compiler

1.4 2010-05-17
- download of missing prerequisites (make, libxx86vm)
- option to download prerequisites for
  building 32-bit AROS on 64-bit Linux
- configure and build options for 64-bit AROS
- "-j2" parameter for "make"

1.3 2009-08-01
Build binaries outside source tree.

1.2 2009-01-04
Support for Fedora (experimental).
Added error handling for package installation.
1.1 2009-01-02
First official release.

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