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 Readme for:  Emulation » Utility » d64.i386-aros.lha


Description: Converts C64 data-set files to Amiga
Download: d64.i386-aros.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 368kb
Version: 0.2
Date: 22 Feb 22
Author: Holger Schemel
Submitter: aGGreSSor [CPU]
Requirements: ABIv0; i386; InstallerLG
Category: emulation/utility
License: Public domain
Distribute: yes
FileID: 2471
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Downloads: 34  (Current version)
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============================== F E A T U R E S ==============================

This program converts C64 programs from tape (TURBO TAPE 64).
To use them from C64 emulators like "TheA64Package" when you
have no C64 with datasette and floppy, digitize the file you
want to convert with a sound digitizer and a program like
Audiomaster with maximal sample rate (more than 40 kHz).
Then zoom to the start (Audiomaster shows a length of 599 Bytes)
an cut the tape noise at the start so that you can hear the
sync signal clearly. It doesn't matter if you cut 1/3 of the
sync signal, but the sound sample must start directly with the
sync signal; that means that you can see waves that are repeating
seven little and one bigger waves. It is not important if it starts
with a bigger wave or one of the lower waves, but you *must* be
able to differ series of 7 lower and one higher wave.
If you have cutted the start of the sample as described, save the
sample, which can now (hopefully) be the input of D64.

============================ R E Q U I R E M E N T ==========================

d64 tested and worked fine on the following configurations:

- IcarOS i386               (Kickstart 51.51, Workbench 40.0, AROS ABIv0)
- AROS One i386             (Kickstart 51.51, Workbench 40.0, AROS ABIv0)

================================= U S A G E =================================

1.AROS> d64 Sample2.8svx RAM:clock
   - Secondary address: 1
   - Start address LO:  1
   - Start address HI:  8
   - End address   LO:  54
   - End address   HI:  11
   - Filename        :  THE BIG CLOCK
--> Checksum OK!

================================ S O U R C E ================================

Based on aminet source:

Compiled and improved by
        ______ ______              ______ ______ 
 ______|:: .__|:: .__|_____ ______|:: ___|:: ___|______ _____ 
|: ,   |:  |  |:  |  |:  ,_|:  ,__|:___  |:___  |:  -  |:  ,_|
|__|___|______|______|___|   _____|______|______|______|___|

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