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 Readme for:  Game » Puzzle »


Description: Hand-drawn puzzles. Make two objects meet.
Download:       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 834kb
Version: 1.1
Date: 16 Nov 20
Author: Roman Belov
Submitter: cavemann
Category: game/puzzle
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
FileID: 2228
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Downloads: 40  (Current version)
40  (Accumulated)
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It is a sandbox game, based on physics. The game aim is to make contact red
object with green object. You can use various objects, solid, wire (rope), and
bendable objects. Gravitation will help you.


The red circle misses his green friend. And the only one who can help them to
be together again is you. ^_^ With one flick of your mouse you can draw him a
rope ('S' button), a  metal stick ('A'), or a wire, made from some soft metal
('B'), or take them away from him, one by one ('D'). You can even stop the time
('T') and give him a break while you'll rethink your actions or draw something
so complicated, that you won't be able to finish it with only one line. And
when you'll think that you have to take a break yourself, you can leave this
guy for a moment ('Q') and return to the boring "real" world.


The controls is still not very easy. However, to make easy the controls of such
game is difficult.

For painting is used mouse or analogue pointing device. First button of pointer
is used for paint object. Second button is used for picking objects in edit
mode or for change object type in game mode.

Regarding keyboard, following list describes keys purposes,


	Q	- Quit
	D/ESC	- Delete last added object
	T	- Time control (on/off)
	P	- Edit mode (on/off)
	R	- Reload level
	N	- Go to next level
	M	- Go to previous level
	K	- Save level (to the default		(*)
	E	- Erase all					(*)
	H	- Do not link object mode (on/off)		(*) (**)
	U	- Brush rotation mode (on/off)

Object types,

	A	- Select regular object (solid)
	С	- Select motionless object			(*)
	S	- Select wire object (rope)
	B	- Select bendable object
	X	- Select phantom object (color is selected on 1/2/3)	(*)
	F	- Select flying object				(*)

Object flags,

	4/5	- Toggle player (red) and target (green) flags	(*)
	L	- Toggle loop flag (only for ropes)		(*)
	G	- Toggle background object flag			(*)

*	- For the edit mode only
**	- It does not mean that object does not interact with others


It is very primitive, there is only one file, 'caph.conf' which contains,

<width> <height> <mode>

Fields description,

<width>		- Screen width in pixels
<height>	- Screen height in pixels
<mode>		- '1' (fullscreen) or '0' (window)


Make sure that you have installed following packages,

OpenGL	(optional)

If you do not want compile Caph with OpenGL comment out appropriate line in
'confg' script.

After, go to the 'src' directory and perform,

$ ./confg
$ ./build

Binary will copied to the 'bin' directory. Also you can define your compilation
flags before calling 'confg' by CFLAGS environment variable, for example if you
use Gentoo,

$ source /etc/make.conf


Roman Belov <amaora()>

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