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File Category Version Size Date Dls Readme
arosturkishkeyboard.zipdri/inp1.086kb11 Apr 11152¤ Arosturkishkeyboard - Aros Turkish Keyboard Source Code
broadcom_44xx.i386-aros.zipdri/netbeta13kb19 Dec 2150¤ Broadcom_44XX - Ethernet Device
catweasel_v1.3.i386-aros.lhadri/sto1.3149kb21 Apr 10235¤ Catweasel_v1.3 - Catweasel V1.3 for AROS native i386
diskimage.i386-aros.tar.bz2dri/sto52.34622kb05 Jan 15385¤ diskimage.device - Disk image device (adf,dms,iso,...)
diskimage.ppc-aros.tar.bz2dri/sto52.32764kb31 Aug 12137¤ Diskimage.ppc-aros - Disk image device (adf,dms,iso,...)
extfatfs-53.3.i386-aros.lhadri/fil53.378kb14 Jul 2167¤ exfat-handler - A free exFAT file system implementation
intelg45-310510-i386.zipdri/vid31-05-201061kb02 Jun 10398¤ Intelg45-310510-i386 - Intel GM900 Driver
keycode2rawkey-presario.zipdri/inp123kb28 Sep 12110¤ Keycode2rawkey-presario - Keycode table for "hosted" on Compaq Presario
keycode2rawkey.zipdri/inp1906b29 Nov 09298¤ Keycode2rawkey - Alternative keycode table for "hosted"
libhjw2.0.0-aros.lhadri/inp2.0.02Mb19 May 12121¤ Libhjw2.0 - HunoJoyWrapper is a Wrapper Library for joysticks
nforce.1.0.i386.zipdri/net1.013kb30 Jul 06480¤ Nforce.1.0 - NForce SANA-2 Network Interface Driver
ntfs3g-53.4.i386-aros.lhadri/fil53.4233kb14 Jul 2165¤ ntfs3g-handler - A port of Tuxera's NTFS-3G file system
nvidia.hidd-i386.zipdri/gra1.030kb12 Jan 09825¤ Nvidia - nVidia HIDD
pcnet32.1.0.i386.zipdri/net1.011kb30 Jul 06503¤ Pcnet32.1.0 - PCNet32 Compatable SANA2 Network Interface Driver
regionset.i386-aros.zipdri/sto1.25kb05 Jan 10231¤ Regionset - Modify the region codes of DVD drives
regionset.ppc-aros.zipdri/sto1.221kb06 Jan 10117¤ Regionset - Modify the region codes of DVD drives
rtl8169.tgzdri/net0.1128kb20 Nov 09385¤ Rtl8169 - rtl8169 and co. devices driver
samsungrp60.lhadri/mis13Mb28 Apr 10119¤ Samsungrp60 - Samsung RP60 Notebook Full PCI Tools Scan
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