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Published 19 Sep 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
vim_8.2-i386-aros.lhadev/edi8.2.158312Mb8¤ Vim.i386-aros - Vim
fpse-0.10.6-ax86.tar.gzemu/gam0.10.6749kb11¤ FPSE-AX86 - Playstation Emulator
noiz2sa.i386-aros.zipgam/act0.529Mb10¤ Noiz2sa - Abstract shooter, similar to rRootage.

Published 12 Sep 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
pawgr.i386-aros.lhagam/adv0.9167kb14¤ pawgr - Graphics extractor for PAW adventures
f1spirit.i386-aros.rargam/dri1.019Mb14¤ F1 Spirit - F1 Spirit port

Published 05 Sep 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
botud.i386-aros.zipgam/puz1.03Mb17¤ Blocks Of The Undead - Match all blocks, with limited moves. (18 puzzles)
jigzo.i386-aros.zipgam/boa0.6.14Mb13¤ jigzo - OpenGL jigsaw game for children
ungac.i386-aros.lhagam/adv0.1155kb7¤ UnGAC - Disassembler for adventures written with GAC

Published 15 Aug 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
wormwars-i386-aros.zipgam/act9.23686kb24¤ Worm Wars - Advanced Tron/Snake-style arcade game
icebreaker.i386-aros.zipgam/mis1.9.9430kb24¤ IceBreaker - Similar to Jezzball and Qix.
mcamiga.lhauti/fil0.92Mb9¤ MCAmiga - Directory Utility
silkraw_aros.lhagra/mis1.22Mb8¤ SilkRAW - GUI for Dave Coffin's program dcRAW
sumeria.i386-aros.lhagam/mis19.2133kb6¤ sumeria.i386-aros - Classic economic game about Hammurabi

Published 31 Jul 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
crono_aros.lhagra/mis2.07Mb4¤ Crono - Generator of printable calendars
rnopublisher.i386-aros.lhaoff/dtp1.04Mb10¤ RNOPublisher - PDF creator
unrar-5.90.lhauti/arc5.902Mb3¤ UnRar - program for unpaking rar file
violetland.i386-aros.zipgam/act0.3.210Mb16¤ Violetland - OpenGL top-down shooter. They have overcome...

Published 24 Jul 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
runaway_arosx86.lhagam/mis1.212Mb6¤ Runaway - LCD game conversion remake
slarti_arosx86abiv0.lhavid/mis1.18Mb6¤ Slarti - create subtitle own your videos
soliton_rus.lhagam/car2.2321kb8¤ soliton_rus - Russian translation for Soliton 2.2
led-20200202.tar.gzuti/tex/edi2020020214kb3¤ led - A simple line-oriented text editor.
odamex-aros.lhagam/fps0.7.06Mb4¤ odamex - open source engine for doom, doom2 ecc...
installerlg.i386-aros.lhauti/wor0.1.0Alp43112kb5¤ InstallerLG - Commodore Installer replacement Alpha 43
mcc_betterstring-11.34.lhalib/mui11.34316kb6¤ BetterString - BetterString custom class for MUI
mcc_nlist-0.126.lhalib/mui0.1262Mb5¤ NList - NList custom classes for MUI
mcc_texteditor-15.54.lhalib/mui15.54870kb7¤ TextEditor - TextEditor custom class for MUI
mcc_thebar-26.20.lhalib/mui26.202Mb5¤ ThrBar - Next Generation Toolbar MUI Custom Class
minislugaros.zipgam/act2.0.0.049Mb8¤ Mini Metal Slug - a metal slug game
easyrpg-aros.lhagam/adv0.6.2.14Mb3¤ EasyRPG-Player - play games created with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003
atomicbomberman_aros.lhagam/act2.82Mb7¤ Atomic Bomberman - Atomic Bomberman Fan Rewrite
donkeykong_arosx86.lhagam/pla1.423Mb5¤ Donkey Kong - is a remake of a LCD game in the Game&Watch
bermuda_syndrome_ita_1_0.zipgam/adv1.017kb1¤ BS_Italian_Translate - italian translate for bermuda syndrome game
fireattack_arosx86.lhagam/mis1.03Mb2¤ FireAttack - LCD game conversion
fpc-3.2.0a-arm-aros.lhadev/lan3.2.053Mb1¤ FreePascal arm - FreePascal for arm-aros ABIv0
fpc-3.2.0a-i386-aros.lhadev/lan3.2.053Mb4¤ FreePascal i386 - FreePascal for i386-aros ABIv0
installerlg.arm-aros.lhauti/wor0.1.0116kb2¤ InstallerLG ARM - Commodore Installer replacement Alpha 44
exutil_aros.lhauti/mis0.51Mb5¤ Exutil - An exif based batch renamer
zeengine.i386-aros.zipgra/misGP2X337kb5¤ ZeEngine - SDL software rendering engine with 16-bpp models.
amilines_rus.lhagam/puz3.0023kb3¤ amilines_rus - Russian catalog file for AmiLines 3.00
annotate_pascal_syntax.lhauti/tex1.1332kb3¤ AnnotatePascalSyntax - Annotate Pascal Syntax
ativayeban.i386-aros.zipgam/mis2014345kb4¤ ativayeban - Fall through a labyrinth. Avoid getting crushed!
africa.i386-aros.zipgam/boa1.55290kb2¤ Africa - Conversion of 3W board game

Published 27 Apr 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
abandonmi2ext.lhagra/icoFinal8Mb14¤ AbandonMI2Ext - AROS Extension for AbandonMI2 Icon Set
vamp.i386-aros.lhavid/pla2.252Mb19¤ Vamp - Multimedia Player
videntiumpicta.i386-aros.lhagra/vie2.302Mb16¤ VidentiumPicta - Picture Viewer
bermuda_syndrome_data.zipgam/advfinal114Mb16¤ bs_data - bermuda syndrome from internet archive preservatio
atomic_bomberman_data.zipgam/actfinal391Mb14¤ AT-Bomberman-Data - From Internet Archive Preservation
duke3d_data.tgzgam/fpsfinal11Mb10¤ Duke3D_Data - Data Game From Internet Archive Preservation
steelstorm-ep1.i386-aros.tgzgam/act1284Mb24¤ SteelStorm-EP1 - Shoot 'em up
spacejunk.i386-aros.zipgam/mis1.0.56Mb16¤ Spacejunk - Plot a course thru gravity fields to clear junk.

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