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Published 23 Jan 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
testdms.i386-aros.lhauti/arc1.0166kb1¤ TestDMS - Test DMS archives
thewidow-aros.lhagam/advFinal17Mb3¤ TheWidow - point and click terror adventure
asplit.i386-aros.lhauti/she2.0368kb1¤ Asplit - Split binary
freeprince.i386-aros.lhagam/pla0.4-pre464kb1¤ FreePrince - Prince of Persia engine
libvstring.i386-aros.lhadev/lib202180kb1¤ libvstring - simplifies dynamic string allocation/generation
jetpac.i386-aros.lhagam/act0.2.62Mb1¤ JetPac - The Return - Remake ZX Spectrum classic game

Published 19 Jan 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
alac.i386-aros.lhaaud/mis0.1.36Mb5¤ ALAC - Apple Lossless Audio Codec decoder

Published 18 Jan 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
diskusage.i386-aros.lhauti/she40.859kb2¤ DiskUsage - estimates file space usage
amostools.i386-aros.lhadev/uti2021198kb1¤ AMOSTools - Tools to work with AMOS programs
dirtree.i386-aros.lhauti/she40.859kb2¤ DirTree - Shell command displaying directory trees
retrofunk_icons_more_drawers.tgzgra/ico158kb2¤ Retrofunk_MoreDrawer - more drawer icons retrofunk style
retrofunk_icons_program.tgzgra/ico272kb2¤ retrofunk_extra_icon - extra icon program in retrofunk theme style
famousamigauses.lhadoc/mis2.6.126kb3¤ FamousAmigaUses - A guide about famous Amiga uses!
gnp.i386-aros.zipgam/pla10425Mb4¤ GNP - Unusual platform game with anchor
modexplorer_aros.zipaud/pla3.222Mb5¤ ModExplorer - Streaming mod file from Internet with more feature
timeit.i386-aros.lhauti/she40.458kb2¤ TimeIt - Shell command for timing other commands

Published 08 Jan 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
horloge.i386-aros.lhauti/mis0.2568kb7¤ Horloge - a fugly clock made using SDL
pig.i386-aros.lhagam/pla1.01Mb7¤ Fixed Rate Pig - Retro style platform game (SDL)
whatchanged.lhauti/fil1.06kb6¤ WhatChanged - Identifies file system changes over time
fop.i386-aros.lhagam/mis0.5692kb7¤ Fight or Perish - SDL dungeon-crawling game

Published 06 Jan 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
easyrapa.lhadev/lib1.08Mb2¤ EasyRapa - generate RapaGui simple app structure
dossizola.i386-aros.zipgam/str1.01Mb13¤ DoSSiZola - Quick game to trap your opponent.

Published 26 Dec 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
modlist.i386-aros.lhauti/she50.434kb7¤ ModList - Displays a list of resident modules
portlist.i386-aros.lhauti/she50.233kb10¤ PortList - Displays a list of ports of running programs

Published 22 Dec 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
mcc_betterstring-11.35.lhalib/mui11.35316kb12¤ BetterString - BetterString custom class for MUI
mcc_nlist-0.127.lhalib/mui0.1272Mb8¤ NList - NList custom classes for MUI
mcc_texteditor-15.55.lhalib/mui15.55871kb11¤ TextEditor - TextEditor custom class for MUI
mcc_thebar-26.21.lhalib/mui26.212Mb10¤ TheBar - Next Generation Toolbar MUI Custom Class

Published 18 Dec 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
vim_8.2-i386-aros.lhadev/edi8.2.214812Mb10¤ Vim.i386-aros - Vim
installerlg.i386-aros.lhauti/wor0.1.0beta1120kb21¤ InstallerLG - Commodore Installer replacement

Published 08 Dec 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
libpsockets.i386-aros.lhadev/lib2014150kb20¤ libpsockets - the part of AROS-stuff (POSIX Sockets)

Published 03 Dec 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
a09-1.45.i386-aros.lhadev/cro1.45169kb6¤ A09 - 6800/6801/6809/6301/6309 Assembler
cazm-1.27.i386-aros.lhadev/cro1.27111kb5¤ CAZM - Z80 Cross Assembler
trx2x.i386-aros.lhaemu/uti1.2b2362kb10¤ TRX2X - ZX Spectrum floppy image converter
sdl_sprite-1.2b.i386-aros.lhadev/lib1.2b168kb6¤ SDL_sprite - Display animated sprites
sdl_net-1.2.8.i386-aros.lhadev/lib1.2.828kb10¤ SDL_net - portable network library
sdl_image-1.2.12.i386-aros.lhadev/lib1.2.12939kb7¤ SDL_image - library to load images of var. formats
f9dasm-1.80.i386-aros.lhadev/cro1.80246kb6¤ F9DASM - 6800/6801/6809/6309 Disassembler
dasm-¤ DASM - Macroassembler with support for several 8-bit CPU

Published 26 Nov 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
emutools.i386-aros.lhaemu/uti1.1424kb10¤ EMUTools - 12 marvelous tools for emulators
crono_aros.lhagra/mis2.17Mb11¤ Crono - Generator of printable calendars
afid.i386-aros.lhaemu/uti1.1236kb8¤ Afid - Apple ][ DOS 3.3 disk image utility
griffon.i386-aros.zipgam/rolC9Mb10¤ The Griffon Legend - RPG style game of the SNES/GENESIS era.
a2tools.i386-aros.lhaemu/uti0.0253kb16¤ A2Tools - Move data to and from Apple DOS 3.3 disk images

Published 16 Nov 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
amibrixx_aros.lhagam/puz2.12Mb8¤ amibrixx - puzzle-game
badapple.i386-aros.lhadem/mis3Mb16¤ Bad Apple - The famous Bad Apple animation with player and xm
caph.i386-aros.zipgam/puz1.1834kb9¤ Caph - Hand-drawn puzzles. Make two objects meet.
displaybeep.i386-aros.lhauti/she0.352kb8¤ DisplayBeep - Flash display as an event alert
janus-uae2.x86_64-aros.lhaemu/com0.222Mb10¤ Janus-UAE2 - Janus-UAE2 (direct dev.port WinUAE 2.8.1)
switch.i386-aros.lhauti/wor1.3115kb16¤ SWitch - Screens/windows switcher commodity

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