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Published 12 Feb 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
muimapparium.arm-aros.lhanet/ser/mis0.8742kb3¤ MuiMapparium - Viewer
muimapparium.x86_64-aros.lhanet/mis0.8724kb5¤ MuiMapparium - Viewer
snapshoter.i386-aros.lhauti/wor1.81Mb6¤ SnapShoter - Fast, light and efficient clipboard manager
muimapparium.i386-aros.lhanet/mis0.8671kb3¤ MuiMapparium - Viewer
leu0.08.lhaoff/spr0.089Mb4¤ Leu - Leu Spreadsheet Program

Published 10 Feb 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
installerlg.i386-aros.lhauti/wor0.1.0110kb1¤ InstallerLG - Commodore Installer replacement Alpha 43
leu_drawer.tgzgra/icofinal4kb7¤ leu_drawer_ico - leu ken's icon drawer
zatackax.i386-aros.zipgam/mis0.3.24Mb5¤ Zatacka X - Tron/Snake like game with curved turning.

Published 03 Feb 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
chromium.i386-aros.rargam/act0.83Mb20¤ Chromium B.S.U - Chromium port
criticalmass.i386-aros.rargam/act4Mb12¤ Critical Mass - Critical Mass port
beleagueredcastle.i386-aros.lhagam/boa1.03Mb5¤ Beleaguered Castle - solitaire card game
led-20200202.tar.gzuti/tex/edi2020020214kb1¤ led - A simple line-oriented text editor.
bingo.i386-aros.lhagam/boa1.436Mb1¤ Bingo - Bingo Machine
atomicbomberman.i386-aros.zipgam/act1.21Mb1¤ Atomic Bomberman - Atomic Bomberman Fan Rewrite
openbor_drawer.tgzgra/icofinal3kb2¤ OpenBorDrawerIcon - drawer icon style ken's
speeddreams2.i386-aros.tgzgam/dri2.0.0178Mb5¤ SpeedDreams2 - racing game gl
lilcalendar_drawer.tgzgra/icofinal3kb1¤ LilCalendarDrawerIco - drawer icon style ken's
amicloud_drawer.tgzgra/icofinal3kb2¤ AmiCloudDrawerIcon - drawer icon style ken's
figlet.i386-aros.ziputi/tex2.2.5210kb1¤ FIGlet - Creates large text from ordinary ACSII characters.
odamex.i386-aros.lhagam/fps0.7.06Mb2¤ odamex - open source engine for doom, doom2 ecc...
frogatto.i386-aros.zipgam/adv1.1.1189Mb3¤ Frogratto&Friends - Platform Gl
fonttester.i386-aros.lhagra/mis1.02Mb3¤ Font-Tester - test the fonts installed in your system
d2x-rebirth.i386-aros.lhagam/fpsfinal2Mb3¤ DX2-Rebirth - Descent II engine
d1x-rebirth.i386-aros.lhagam/fpsfinal2Mb3¤ DX1-Rebirth - Descent Engine
openjk-ja.i386-aros.lhagam/fpsfinal5Mb3¤ OpenJK-JedyAccademy - Jedy Accademy Port Open Source Engine
pgp5.i386-aros.tgzuti/arcfinal222kb2¤ PGP5 - PGP With Gui
pentagram.i386-aros.tgzgam/advfinal3Mb1¤ Pentagram - Ultima VIII engine
openjk-jo.i386-aros.lhagam/fpsfinal2Mb3¤ OpenJK-JedyOutcast - Jedy Outcast Port Open Source Engine
soulride.i386-aros.lhagam/spofinal15Mb3¤ soulride - soulraide opensource snowboard sport
stvoyhm.i386-aros.lhagam/fpsfinal1Mb3¤ StarTrekVoyager - Elite Force Holomatch "Multiplayer"
supermodel3.i386-aros.tgzgam/drifinal1Mb1¤ sega_supermodel_3 - engine for sega car games
ufoai-2.3.1-data.targam/str2.3.1508Mb1¤ UFOAI-Data - ufoai data files
vp.i386-aros.lhagra/vie2.102Mb3¤ VidentiumPicta - Picture Viewer
unrar.i386-aros.lhauti/arc5.802Mb7¤ UnRAR 5.80 - Unpack RAR files
jumpman.i386-aros.zipgam/pla1.0.2886kb1¤ Jumpman - OpenGL platform game with rotation.
harmonyplayer_drawer.tgzgra/icofinal3kb2¤ HarmonyPlayerDrawer - drawer icon style ken's

Published 21 Jan 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
wormwars.i386-aros.zipgam/act9.22688kb10¤ Worm Wars - Advanced Tron/Snake-style arcade game
gimmearos.zipdev/cro1.116kb6¤ Gimmearos - Script for building AROS from the source code

Published 17 Jan 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
montana.i386-aros.lhagam/boa1.03Mb11¤ Montana - solitaire card game

Published 09 Jan 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
rnoeffects_icons_final.lhagra/icoFinal11kb11¤ rnoeffects icons - Drawer and program icons

Published 07 Jan 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
aminetreadmemaker.lhanet/ser/mis1.591kb5¤ AminetReadmeMaker - Easy creation & upload of AminetReadmes

Published 02 Jan 20

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
amipad31fe.i386-aros.lhanet/mis3.124Mb7¤ AmiPad 3.1 FE - useful HMTL5 apps and web site
vim_8.2.i386-aros.lhadev/edi8.2.259Mb7¤ Vim.i386-aros - Vim

Published 23 Dec 19

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
cdrom-amiga-mods-anthology-3.tar.gzaud/misVol3397Mb33¤ mods-anthology-3 - amiga mods 19xx
cdrom-amiga-mods-anthology-4.tar.gzaud/misVol4376Mb33¤ mods-anthology-4 - amiga mods 199x

Published 19 Dec 19

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
cdrom-amiga-mods-anthology-2.tar.gzaud/misVol2397Mb39¤ mods-anthology-2 - amiga mods 199x

Published 18 Dec 19

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
cdrom-amiga-mods-anthology-1.tar.gzaud/misvol1337Mb42¤ mods-anthology-1 - amiga mods 199x

Published 12 Dec 19

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
uhctools.i386-aros.lhauti/wor1.439kb5¤ UHC_Tools - UHC Tools installer
ezekiel.i386-aros.lhagra/mis1.23Mb7¤ Ezekiel - A Trochoid (Spirograph(TM)) Explorer and Designer

Published 07 Dec 19

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
tmnt-rescue-palooza-1.1.1.zipgam/actfinal158Mb6¤ TurtlesTenagePalooza - openbor game

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