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File Category Version Size Date Dls Readme
aros-gocr039.i386.zipgra/con0.391Mb14 Feb 06241¤ Aros-gocr039 - optical character recognition program (fixed)
dcraw.i386-aros.zipgra/con8.89575kb27 Nov 08132¤ Dcraw - CLI converter for camera raw files
ffmpeg.i386-aros.zipgra/con2.6.117Mb16 Apr 1595¤ ffmpeg-2.6 AROS - ffmpeg-2.6.1 compiled natively
ico2bmp.i386-aros.zipgra/con5kb05 Jan 10118¤ Ico2bmp - Extracts BMP files from ICO files
imagemagic.i386-aros.zipgra/con6.8.924Mb16 Apr 1587¤ ImageMagic - see
jpeg-6b_bin.i386-aros.zipgra/con6b552kb02 Feb 06219¤ Jpeg-6b_bin - Tools for handling of JPEG files
jpeg-6b_src.i386-aros.zipgra/con6b748kb02 Feb 06168¤ Jpeg-6b_src - Tools for handling of JPEG files
libx264.i386-aros.zipgra/con0.142x2Mb16 Apr 1552¤ libx264 -
netpbm.i386-aros.tar.gzgra/con10.26.531Mb26 Sep 08131¤ Netpbm.i386-aros - Netpbm progs convert/edit/generate/analyse images
potrace.i386-aros.zipgra/con1.8195kb28 Apr 07265¤ Potrace - Transforming bitmaps into vector graphics
potrace.src-aros.zipgra/con1.8400kb28 Apr 07174¤ Potrace - Potrace source code with metamake file
scale2x-aros.i386.tar.gzgra/con2.2351kb28 Jul 09107¤ Scale2x-aros.i386 - Scale2x effects
spectrum2iff-i386.lhagra/con1.0216kb14 Jul 1095¤ Spectrum2iff-i386 - Converts ZX Spectrum screens to IFF-ILBM
zune-gocr-0.39.i386-aros.zipgra/con0.39550kb25 Feb 07189¤ Zune-gocr-0.39 - GUI driven optical character recognition
zune-gocr-0.39.src-aros.zipgra/con0.39817kb25 Feb 07143¤ Zune-gocr-0.39 - GUI driven optical character recognition (source)
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