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File Version Size Date Dls Readme
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lodepaint.i386-aros.zip2Mb17 Jun 12203¤ Lodepaint - LodePaint
framescale.i386-aros.lha0.1174kb16 Jun 1180¤ Framescale - ReScales supported image format to newer w/h
zunepaint.i386-aros.zip0.14541kb07 May 197¤ ZunePaint - Bitmap paint with additional effects
lunapaint.i386-aros.zip0.5456kb26 Jun 13267¤ Lunapaint - Lunapaint is a paint app for AROS
avibuild.lha140kb20 Dec 1081¤ Avibuild - AviBuild
sng.i386-aros.tar.bz21.0.2481kb05 Nov 06147¤ Sng.i386-aros - Compiler/decompiler for Scriptable Network Graphic
avibuild.i386-aros.lha1.249kb16 Jun 1181¤ Avibuild - Builds .avi files to one big .avi file
rnoeffects.i386-aros.lha1.33Mb22 Nov 1839¤ RNOEffects - Image processing program
gifsicle-1.91.i386-aros.lha1.91191kb17 May 1829¤ Gifsicle - Tool for manipulating GIF images
grafx2-2.5.1960.i386-aros.zip2.5.19601023kb10 Jun 1841¤ GrafX2 - The Ultimate 256-color bitmap paint program.
lodepaint_src_svn146.tar.bz2SVN1464Mb25 Apr 1668¤ Lodepaint source - Source code of paint application
grafx2-svn793.i386-aros.zipsvn793908kb09 May 09260¤ Grafx2-svn793 - Pixel paint program (like DPaint etc).
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