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File Category Version Size Date Dls Readme
915resolution-i386-aros.ziputi/har1.17kb01 Nov 09193¤ 915resolution-i386-aros - grub2 module for intel graphics chips.
tinyulmui.aros.lhauti/har1.142kb09 Mar 1171¤ Tinyulmui - tinybld PIC uploader (e.g. Minimig) (MUI)
lcdtest.i386.lhauti/har1.01142kb04 Sep 05217¤ Lcdtest - Utility to display LCD monitor test patterns
pciutils.ziputi/har2.2.1155kb15 May 06274¤ Pciutils - PCI hardware manipulation utilities
pciutils-src.ziputi/har2.2.1209kb15 May 06177¤ Pciutils-src - PCI hardware manipulation utilities - source code
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