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Published 21 Sep 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
newvox.i386-aros.lhadem/mis1.0193kb4¤ NewVox - Voxel-style landscape SDL render (with sources)
nmtm.lzxgam/adv14.09.202116Mb2¤ No More Toxic Man!!! - Point and click adventure game
simplemail-0.37-aros-i386.tar.bz2net/ema0.37842kb7¤ SimpleMail - IMAP POP3 Client Email
framebuild-0.5.zipgra/mis0.539kb9¤ Workframebuild - Builds list of selected .jpg files to .avi format
hogwagen.i386-aros.lhadem/int2003171kb2¤ Lollipop hogwagen - 4K source intro
jylam.i386-aros.lhadem/int2003147kb3¤ Jylam - 4K source intro
arsfsdoctor_v1.ziputi/fil187kb7¤ arSFSDoctor v1 - SFS Recovery Application
boingdemo.i386-aros.lhadem/int20155Mb4¤ Boing Demo - A recreation of the Amiga Boing demo in SDL 1.2
doboing.i386-aros.lhagra/ray1.0111kb3¤ DoBoing - Generate Boing Ball 3D objects
africa.i386-aros.zipgam/boa1.56299kb3¤ Africa - Conversion of 3W board game
antiryadgx4_9_install_2.zipdev/uti4.9.1290Mb1¤ Antiryad_Gx - 2D/3D Game Engine
dwitvs.i386-aros.lhadem/int2003162kb2¤ DWITVS - 4K source intro

Published 02 Sep 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
thewidow.lzxgam/misF.V.218Mb11¤ The Widow - Game Terror Paranormal Adventure
mcc_betterstring-11.36.lhalib/mui11.36316kb9¤ MCC_BetterString - Mui Custom Class
mcc_nlist-0.128.lhalib/mui0.1282Mb8¤ MCC_NList - Mui Custom Class
mcc_texteditor-15.56.lhalib/mui15.56875kb8¤ MCC_TextEditor - Mui Custom Class
mcc_thebar-26.22.lhalib/mui26.222Mb6¤ MCC_TheBar - Mui Custom Class
paperback_aros.zipgra/ray1.13Mb20¤ PaperBox - Realtime rendered paper boxes

Published 20 Aug 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
unrar-6.02.lhauti/arc6.022Mb13¤ UnRAR - Unpack RAR files
saga.i386-aros.zipgam/boa1.94405kb25¤ Saga - Conversion of TSR board game
astralgame.lhagam/mis3.003Mb4¤ AstralGame - A little tool to know your zodiac sign

Published 31 Jul 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
arlan.lhanet/mis0.1223kb17¤ ArLan - Simple "self-made" Gopher client for AROS
68k_datatypes.zipaud1.024kb51¤ 68k_datatype - new datatype for aros m68k

Published 20 Jul 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
vim_8.2-i386-aros.lhadev/edi8.2.299312Mb19¤ Vim.i386-aros - Vim
installerlg.i386-aros.lhauti/wor1.0.0beta2121kb25¤ InstallerLG - Commodore Installer replacement
iconverter.i386-aros.lhagra/con0.898kb13¤ Iconverter - Convert WB 1.x/MagicWB icons to NewIcon

Published 14 Jul 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
perciman_aros.lhaoff/mis0.7.32Mb17¤ Perciman - manage contact and other information
picasm-1.06.i386-aros.lhadev/cro1.06122kb16¤ picasm - PIC16F84 Assembler for the Amiga
r2z_aros_intel.lhagam/mis1.62Mb11¤ R2Z - Test your reaction times
64tass.i386-aros.lhadev/cro1.54r1900968kb14¤ 64tass - Cross assembler targeting the 65xx
extfatfs-53.3.i386-aros.lhadri/fil53.378kb24¤ exfat-handler - A free exFAT file system implementation
lemacs.i386-aros.lhauti/tex/edi3.6188kb15¤ LEMACS - Enhanced MicroEMACS
ntfs3g-53.4.i386-aros.lhadri/fil53.4233kb24¤ ntfs3g-handler - A port of Tuxera's NTFS-3G file system

Published 06 Jul 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
snapit.lhauti/mis1.5507kb11¤ SnapIT - Powerful MUI-based Screen Grabber
rnoarchive.i386-aros.lhauti/arc1.02Mb17¤ RNOArchive - Graphical archive manager.
loschinos.lhagam/chi3.504Mb6¤ Los Chinos Game - This is the classic spanish games with fingers
abcm2ps.i386-aros.lhaaud/mis8.4.11547kb9¤ abcm2ps - Converts music tunes from ABC format to PS/SVG
crash.i386-aros.lhadev/uti1.144kb8¤ Crash - "Safely" crashes with purpose

Published 05 Jun 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
vamp.lhavid/pla2.302Mb22¤ V.A.M.P. - Multimedia Player
aninwebconverter.lhagra/con4.102Mb20¤ AnimWebConverter - Easy web tool to convert your old Amiga anim

Published 23 May 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
fonttester.lhagra/mis1.102Mb14¤ Font Tester - test the fonts installed in your system
videoslotmachine.lhagam/boa1.003Mb65¤ Video Slot Machine - A slot video game
fpc-3.2.2-arm-aros.lhadev/lan3.2.254Mb9¤ FreePascal arm - FreePascal for arm-aros ABIv0
casablanca.lhagra/ico43kb15¤ Casablanca - MacroSystem Casablanca GlowIcons

Published 01 May 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
aya06.lhanet/mis0.62Mb17¤ AskYourAmiga - access wolfram alpha answer machine(wikipedia)
comicon_aros.lhagra/vie1.22Mb13¤ ComicOn - simply downloads the comic-strip of your choice

Published 28 Apr 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
pintorweb.lhagra/con3.107Mb12¤ Pintor Web - Handle your pictures to use on your web pages
videntiumpicta.lhagra/con2.452Mb14¤ Videntium Picta - Videntium Picta is picture viewer
acidwarp.i386-aros.zipdem/mis4.10156kb41¤ Acidwarp - Colour cycling eye-candy

Published 17 Apr 21

File Category Version Size Dls Readme
wormwars-aros.zipgam/act9.24688kb43¤ Worm Wars - Advanced Tron/Snake-style arcade game

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