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 Readme for:  Development » Misc » getdoc_aros.lha


Description: GetDoc is a Tool to extract source code docs
Download: getdoc_aros.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 507kb
Version: 1.0
Date: 02 Jul 08
Author: Fabio Falcucci
Submitter: Fabio Falcucci
Email: hijoe/tin it
Category: development/misc
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
FileID: 372
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 137  (Current version)
137  (Accumulated)
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 APP_NAME    GetDoc
 APP_AUTHOR  Fabio Falcucci aka Allanon (hijoe()
 APP_RELEASE 13.06.2008
   | INSTALLATION |----------------------------------------------------------
   To install the program, uncompress in a drawer of your choice and ensure
   that the provided fonts are installed on your system, if you wish, you can
   put the provided fonts in the program drawer.

   | INTRODUCTION |-----------------------------------------------------------
   <GetDoc> is a tool that can be used to extract documentation stored in
   a source code file.
   The result of this operation is an AmigaGuide file with an index of all
   nodes defined inside the source code.
   You have to follow some simple rules described below:

   GetDoc supports the following tags to define some global informations:
   <APP_NAME>       Define the application's name
   <APP_VERSION>    Define the application's version
   <APP_AUTHOR>     Define the application's author

   Multiline tags are used to define the starting position of a new section
   all subsequent lines will be included in the defined node unless another
   node is defined or the current one is explicitly terminated.
   Here are the tags provided:
   <NODE>        Define a new node
   <-8<--->      Terminate the current node

   | LINKS |
   Inside a node section you can define links with the tag LINK followed by 
   the name of a valid node.
   These links will be listed all together at the end of the node.

   | NOTES |-----------------------------------------------------------------
   The -8<--- tag is usefull when you are documenting functions because you
   can close the current node leaving out all code comments.
   Actually this tool is written with Hollywood in mind but can handle all
   languages that support single line comments.
   Default is <;> but you can switch the comment type using the interface
   of GetDoc.
   | GETDOC INTERFACE |------------------------------------------------------
   The interface is minimalist, there is a box for the source file and one for
   the destination file, where your Amigaguide file will be saved.
   There are three more options:
      <Auto Open Guide>    If you select this switch, when the process is
                           the guide will be opened.
                           Remmber that if you select this option the program
                           try to open the guide with Multiview
                           so this option is valid only for system that
      <Sort Master Index>  This switch is used to alphabetically sort the master
                           index of all available nodes.
      <Comment Type>       Select here which type of single line comment you
                           want to parse in the selected source code.
   When all is in place press the button <Extract Docs> and your Amigaguide file
   will be generated.

   | FINAL NOTES |------------------------------------------------------------
   This tool was born because my need to have a simple tool to build documention
   for ScuiLib.
   Finally, GetDoc is written using Hollywood 3.1 and ScuiLib for the GUI.

   You can get more info and updates here:
   Comments and suggestions are welcome! Please report any bugs you may

   This program is free, please give me credits if you are using this tool
   to build your own documentation.
   This software is provided "as is", I'm not responsible for any data loss
   GetDoc may cause.
   Fabio Falcucci aka Allanon

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