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 Readme for:  Game » Puzzle » klix.i386-aros.lha


Description: Klix - a small thinking game like sokoban
Download: klix.i386-aros.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 2.4
Date: 23 Jun 12
Author: Achim Kern - Keho Software
Submitter: Achim Kern
Email: achim kern/keho-software com
Category: game/puzzle
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1161
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Downloads: 113  (Current version)
113  (Accumulated)
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Short:        Klix - a small thinking game like sokoban
Author:       Achim Kern - KeHo Software
Uploader:     Achim Kern - achim.kern()
Type:         game/puz
Version:      2.4
Architecture: Aros
Kurz:         Remake of 1994 Klix Coktel Vision

Game tested on a Acer Aspire ZG5 with AspireOS Apocalypse.
Thanx to Hollywood for almost all operating systems.

Version 2.4 (C) in 1994-2012 by Achim Kern KeHo Software
Welcome to my new and old thinking game KLIX. 
The task of this game is to deposit different stones with the help
of a pusher's stone in a target template.
The goal of the game goes naturally around collecting points
and some tasks will bring your small brain cells smoking.
This software was developed first on an AMIGA 4000 / EC 030 with
the assembler DEVPAC version 2.0.
Compilations followed for PC Windows 3.1 with Turbo-PASCAL 7.0
and later for WinXP and Windows7 with Delphi. 
Today we have done a master piece - 
KLIX is now available for all computer systems – 
cause it's now done all with HOLLYWWOD 5.


KLIX is a thinking game which can tie you up 
hours near your personal computer.
The game principle is relatively simple. 
Different stone types are on a playing field of the size 10 x 9.
Lower two external rows represents a kind of target template. 
Now the clearance stones must be transported on their negative images.
The red stone is named the PUSHER.
This stone is steered with the mouse over 4 buttons or with the cursor keys of
your keyboard.

If you now ram with the red stone another stone the following could happen:

1.	the red stone stops.
2.	the pushed stone moves in the same direction until it touches another stone 
        or it reaches the playing field border.
3.	the stone reaches the lower playing field border and
        it will fall in the target template. (if still a place is free)

For every correctly transported stone you earn points 
depending on the type of stone - 1,3.5 or maximum 10 points.
The target of the game KLIX is
to transport all marked game stones to their negative images.

The main window

The main window of KLIX covers the whole screen. 
In the left half of the screen you see different displays.
At the top the number of your movements with the red stone is indicated.
Underneath the highest possible score is showed you can reach in this level.
Your individual highscore follows next. 
Finally your current score is indicated in the display.

In the screen middle you see the playing field. 

In the right section there are 5 action buttons 
which place at disposal for the most frequently used orders.
Furthermore you find 4 direction buttons to control the moves of the PUSHER.
You can also easy control the pusher stone with the normal Cursor Keys.
Cause of different working Operation Systems we have implemented the easy menu
To change the bar main menus simply click on the left red entry,
to choose an entry click on it. 

Have fun

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