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 Readme for:  Graphics » ezekiel.i386-aros.lha


Description: A Trochoid (Spirograph(TM)) Explorer and Designer
Download: ezekiel.i386-aros.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 1.1
Date: 25 Jun 15
Author: Nathan Hesterman
Submitter: Nathan Hesterman
Requirements: i386 AROS or 68020+ Amiga
Category: graphics
License: Public domain
Distribute: yes
FileID: 1469
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 59  (Current version)
59  (Accumulated)
Votes: 1 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Short:		A Trochoid (Spirograph(TM)) Explorer and Designer
Author:		Nathan Hesterman
Uploader:	Nathan Hesterman
Type:		gfx/misc
Version:	1.1
Architecture:	i386-AROS, 68020+ M68k
Distribution:	Aminet, AROSArchives

Ezekiel - A Trochoid Explorer by Nathan Hesterman copyright 2006-2015

Trochoids are patterns drawn from wheels within rings (hypotrochoids) or wheels
around rings (epitrochoids).
The Spirograph(TM) designer from the 1960s drew trochoids.  Ezekiel is
Spirograph(TM) on steroids!  This
file contains executables for 68020 Amigas (or emulators) and AROS i386.  It
includes example patterns
and some of my favorite designs.

Ezekiel starts off in illustration mode.  In this mode it randomly draws
trochoids and clears the screen
with random special effects.  It's essentially a screen-saver.  Please watch for
a while to get an idea
of what trochoids look like.  Some of my favorite patterns were found just
watching in Illustration mode.
You can change the random settings for this mode from within the prefs screen. 
Ezekiel saves a default
of 50 of the previous patterns drawn.  Ezekiel polls for key strokes every tick
except for some complex
patterns where you might have to wait for the pattern to finish before gaining

From Illustration mode you can:
(d) goto Design mode
(s) Save the current screen as a bitmap
( ) pause drawing
(h, /, ?, or HELP) open a Help screen
(ESC) quit the program

Once you enter design mode you will be able to scroll (using the arrow keys)
through the default 50 previous
patterns drawn in history.  By default, info mode is on so that you can see the
design parameters used to
draw and statistics about each pattern.  You can change the number of patterns
held in the history from the
prefs screen.

From Design mode you can:
(LEFT, DOWN) goto the previous pattern in the history
(RIGHT, UP) goto the next pattern in the history
(p) toggle Pattern type between hypotrochoids and epitrochoids
(r) enter the Ring radius
(w) enter the wheel radius
(e) enter the pEn offset from the center of the wheel
(z) enter the step siZe (1 plots a point for each of 360 degrees of wheel

(1-6) set the scale factor from 1 to 6
(7) enter a scale factor
(u) enter the number of revolUtions to plot (defaults to qty required to close
the pattern)
(q) revolution to start at (example 6 uses this to change colors between
different revolutions)
(o) use the mouse to set the pattern's origin
(j) enter degrees of rotation around origin to start the pattern
(x) use the mouse to set the origin of the tilt axis (see example 20)
(y) enter degrees of rotation around the tilt origin (see example 20)
(t) enter the numbers of seconds (Time) to display the graph (changes plotting
(g) enter a decimal rGb value for the color or one of the predefined:

(n) draw New pattern
(c) Copy current pattern
( ) pause drawing
(k) kill (delete) the current pattern from history
(d) Draw or reDraw the current pattern
(m) toggle on/off modification of the step size so that the pattern closes on
(/ or ?) toggle display of the screen info on/off
(HELP) turn on screen info and redraw display
(a) toggle display of drawing aids (axis) on/off
(s) Save screen as bitmap
(h) save History as an .ezk file for later viewing
(l) load an .ezk history file for viewing
(v) toggle oVerlay mode on/off where scrolled patterns overlay each other
(examples 1-20)
(i) toggle Illustration mode
(ESC) quit program

The example drawer holds .ezk history files.  Most have png icons which show
what the finished pattern
will look like.  The two "favorites" files simply hold cool trochoids to view. 
Examples 1-20, however,
require use of oVerlay mode.  To view these:
1. Scroll RIGHT until you are at the last pattern in history.
2. Make room for loading additional patterns into history by pressing "k" until
you are at pattern #1.
3. Press "l" to load Example1.ezk into the history.
4. Goto pattern #2 (first loaded pattern).
5. Press "v" to enter overlay mode.
6. Wait for this pattern to finish drawing.
7. Scroll RIGHT to the next pattern and wait for it to finish drawing.
8. Repeat step #7 until all patterns have been overlaid.
9. Ooh and ah.
10. Press "v" to exit overlay mode.
11. Goto step #2 to load another example file.

I hope that you enjoy this program as much as I have writing it and using it. 
Please let me know of
any questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions, or feature requests.  Please
share any .ezk files
that you create so we can all appreciate your creations.  You can PM me as
NathanH on AmigaWorld and as
NathanH13 on AROSExec.  Hope to hear from you.

Version 1 of Ezekiel was created with Hollywood 2 and Black's Editor on Amiga
OS3.1 under WinUAE.
Version 1.1 was created with Hollywood 5 and Annotate under AROS 2.0. 

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