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 Readme for:  Graphics » Viewer » lookhere_arosnvidia.lha


Description: The image viewer without warranties (nVidia)
Download: lookhere_arosnvidia.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 885kb
Version: 1.1
Date: 14 Apr 09
Author: Fabio Falcucci (Allanon)
Submitter: Fabio Falcucci (Allanon)
Email: hijoe/tin it
Category: graphics/viewer
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
FileID: 574
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Snapshots: 0
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Downloads: 108  (Current version)
108  (Accumulated)
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The image viewer without warranties!
Version: 1.0
Licence: Freeware
Available for: AROS, OS4.x, OS3.x, MorphOS

1. What is?
   LookHere is a program you can use to show images stored on your media.
2. Installation
   Simply copy the executable <LookHere> along with the <Fonts> and <Languages>
3. How can I use this thing?
   Note that the following instructions are referred to the english
   you can use the [?] button to show a brief explanation in your language.
   When you launch the executable a button bar will appear showing the following
   [?]   Help/About window showing some infos and a brief help
   [L]   Hitting this button a requester will be opened to let you choice
         a language from the ones available
   [+]   This is a switch, when pressed means that all files you are selecting
         will be added to the current list, instead, with the switch unselected,
         the currently selected files will be replaced with the next files
   [Open Drawer]   This button will open a drawer requester, starting from the
                   selected ones Lookhere will start to search for image files
                   recursively, so be patient if you are selecting the whole
                   hard disk!
   [Open Files]    This button will open a file requester where you can select
                   one or more files to view.
   [Viewer]        Enters the viewer mode
   [Thumbs]        Enters the thumbnails mode
   [Slide Show]    Starts the slide show
   [Exit]          Ends the program
4. Viewer Mode
   The viewer mode can be used to view the selected images manually.
5. Thumbnails Mode
   With the thumbnails mode you can view more pictures in the same time,
   on a miniature the image will be enlarged.
   You can return to the miniature screen clicking the right mouse button.
6. Slide Show
   Enters the slide show mode showing all currently selected images, the default
   pause is 5 seconds, you can exit form this mode holding down the ESC key.

7. Look at the LookHere_Guide.pdf for more informations.

[*] If you want to see LookHere in your language send me an e-mail to
[*] If you find this program usefull and can't live without it you can send
    PayPal donations to hijoe()

*** HISTORY ***
08.04.2009 This release 1.1
   + Added German and French languages
   + Now the program will remember all settings using a preferences file
   * Removed unwanted flickering in Thumbnail mode
   + Improved the Slide Show mode adding many control keys and a nice status bar
   + Removed useless Gui refresh in the thumbnail mode
   * Fixed a couple of bugs
   + Added key support for the slide show mode
   --- SPACE, RIGHT: Move to the next image
   --- LEFT: Move to the previous image
   --- 1-9: Set the pause between images (in seconds)
   --- 0: Disable the slide show timer (pause/unpause the slide show)
   --- S: Show/Hide the status bar
   --- F: Toggles transition effects
01.03.2009 Version 1.0
   + Added the [+] Switch to add files instead of replacing the previously
   + Added the [D], [Zm] and [F] buttons in the Viewer mode
   + Added the Thumbnails mode
   + Added localization routines, english and italian catalog available
   + Added [L] button to change the language of the Gui
   * Fixed many bugs
18.02.2008 Unofficial release for test purposes

================================= CREDITS ======================================
 	There are many people I'd like to thank, first of all thanks to Andreas 
   Falkenhahn for the wonderful 	Hollywood, then I want to thank the following 
   people (in random order):
	- Murakami for the french translation
	- Michael Jurisch & Peat1980 for german translation 
	- All people that helped in fixing a version for AROS & nVidia drivers
	- All people at Amiga ( that helped me 
     alot to shape and test this program
	- All people have kindly donated for this program
	Finally Many thanks to AMIGA in ALL ITS FORMS and the wonderfull community 
   around it!!

File Version Size Date Dls Readme
lookhere21_aros.lha2.11Mb04 Feb 10151¤ Lookhere21_aros - LookHere2.1
lookhere_aros1.lha1.1885kb14 Apr 09119¤ Lookhere_aros1 - The image viewer without warranties!
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