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File Version Size Date Dls Readme
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aramp.i386-aros.zip1.048kb26 Mar 0820¤ Aramp - Port of MP3 player WarpAMP to AROS
aramp.src-aros.zip1.0124kb26 Mar 08217¤ Aramp - Source code for MP3 player ARAMP
arosamp_alpha.i386-aros.tar.gz0.24136kb08 Aug 1827¤ Arosamp_alpha_0.24 - AROSAmp Alpha
metemp3.i386-aros.zip0.3189kb18 Jul 1686¤ meteMP3 - mp3 Player For Aros
modexplorer.i386-aros.lha1.16Mb11 Dec 1831¤ ModExplorer - Streaming mod file from aminet,, modlan
mpega_libmad.i386.tar.bz2267kb10 Jan 06589¤ Mpega_libmad.i386 - libmad based mpega.library i386 bin + source
mui-aylet.i386-aros.lha0.2215kb15 Oct 1462¤ MUI-AYlet - a player for Spectrum '.ay' music files
musicbox.source.lha2.1421kb30 Jan 1752¤ MusicBoxSrc - cd catalog and player
playcdda.i386-aros.zip1.45kb05 Jan 10253¤ Playcdda - Play CD audio tracks using AHI
playcdda.ppc-aros.zip1.422kb06 Jan 1098¤ Playcdda - Play CD audio tracks using AHI
playcdda.x86_64-aros.zip1.419kb06 Jan 10109¤ Playcdda - Play CD audio tracks using AHI
playcdda_gui.i386-aros.tar.bz21.643kb02 Dec 11117¤ Playcdda_gui.i386-aros - Play CD audio tracks using AHI
playmus.zip327kb15 Jan 09197¤ Playmus - Playmusic - simply player
playmusic.zip369kb17 Nov 08204¤ Playmusic - Playmusic - simply ogg and wav player
tinysid.i386-aros.rar0.9426kb22 Sep 107¤ Tinysid - A small, multiplatform SID player
tinysid_sdl.i386.zip0.1120kb06 Jun 09185¤ Tinysid_sdl - CLI SID player for Aros (or anything with SDL)
wildmidi.i386-aros.lha0.2.3.563kb25 May 12133¤ Wildmidi - WildMIDI MIDI Player
zupaplayer-0_2.arm-aros.lha0.2730kb05 Jan 1915¤ ZuPaPlayer-arm - Mod player with mikmod player routines
zupaplayer-0_2.i386-aros.lha0.2714kb03 Jan 1926¤ ZuPaPlayer - Mod player with mikmod player routines
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