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File Category Version Size Date Dls Readme
amiga_gcc_build_eng.pdfdoc/dev0.2eng121kb05 Mar 13174¤ Amiga_gcc_build_eng - Build Amiga GCC Cross Compiler for Lin/Win [eng]
amiga_gcc_build_rus.pdfdoc/dev0.2150kb05 Mar 1364¤ Amiga_gcc_build_rus - Build Amiga GCC Cross Compiler for Lin/Win [rus]
amiga-1.zipdoc/man1Mb07 Mar 1394¤ Amiga-1 - Amiga #1 [russian book]
aros_hd_installation.pdfdoc/man1.0876kb23 Aug 06479¤ Aros_hd_installation - Aros HD Installation Manual [German]
aros_hd_install_english.pdfdoc/man1008kb23 Aug 06769¤ Aros_hd_install_english - Aros HD Installation Manual (English)
aros_install_manual_version_0.25a.pdfdoc/man0.2a823kb28 Feb 08564¤ Aros_install_manual_version_0 - AROS Install Manual
aros_install_manual_version_0.40a.pdfdoc/man0.40a830kb06 Aug 08323¤ Aros_install_manual_version_0 - AROS Install Manual
aros_shell_manual_0.82.pdfdoc/man0.82581kb11 Mar 14212¤ Aros_shell_manual_0 - AROS SHELL MANUAL
aros_user_manual_version_0.56a.pdfdoc/man0.56A2Mb03 Mar 08918¤ Aros_user_manual_version_0 - AROS User Manual
installazione.zipdoc/man1.04Mb16 Sep 05375¤ Installazione - Installazione AROS in VmWare (Italian)
aros-promo_init2.zipdoc/mis0.24Mb29 Nov 08139¤ Aros-promo_init2 - AROS Promotion Presentation Template
aros_brochure.zipdoc/mis0.13Mb02 May 10132¤ Aros_brochure - One page Brochure pdf and scribus file
aros_leaflet_ver6.zipdoc/mis0.74Mb20 Nov 08123¤ Aros_leaflet_ver6 - AROS promotion leaflet
aro_state_of_the_kitty_2010.zipdoc/mis1.0013Mb17 Aug 10250¤ Aro_state_of_the_kitty_2010 - AROS the state of the Kitty 2010 slides
svn_documentation_en.zipdoc/mis0.1679kb26 Aug 06174¤ Svn_documentation_en - english content
xpdftools_400.i386-aros.lhadoc/mis4.0.06Mb15 Jun 1814¤ xpdftools - Tools to manipulate pdf documents
examples.lhadoc/tut1.043kb11 Oct 05379¤ Examples - Main program to OO(P) exec programming
exec.lhadoc/tut90kb21 Sep 05279¤ Exec - A OOP tutorial to programming exec in french
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