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File Version Size Date Dls Readme
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adv770.i386.zip1.77673kb20 Aug 06210¤ Adv770 - Text adventure Adv770
adv770.src.zip1.77628kb20 Aug 06141¤ Adv770 - Text adventure Adv770 (Source code)
bs.i386-aros.lha667kb07 May 1786¤ BermudaSyndrome - Bermuda Syndrome executable
frobtads.i386-aros.rar0.13532kb01 Feb 1077¤ Frobtads - A portable TADS toolkit
frobtads.ppc-aros.rar0.13563kb02 Feb 1060¤ Frobtads - A portable TADS toolkit
glulxe.i386-aros.lha0.4.7360kb17 Sep 12161¤ Glulxe - Glulxe, a Glulx text adventure interpreter
hyperrogue.i386-aros.zip3.0926kb21 May 1813¤ HyperRogue III - Rogue like game with unique viewing mode.
magnetic-src-2.3.1.tar.bz22.3.171kb25 Sep 10201¤ Magnetic-src-2.3.1 - Magnetic source code
zelda-nsq.i386-aros.zip201417Mb09 Oct 1737¤ Navi's Quest - Fan made SDL game in Zelda style series.
zelda3t.i386-aros.zip20105Mb08 Sep 1749¤ Time to Triumph - Part of an independant SDL Zelda style series.
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