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File Version Size Date Dls Readme
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advice.i386-aros.zip25kb22 Nov 1837¤ Advice - New requester to display text from a file
createfile.i386-aros.zip6kb11 Nov 07110¤ Createfile - Create a blank file tool
daily.i386-aros.zip7kb11 Nov 0799¤ Daily - Daily task test
dispascii.i386-aros.zip5kb11 Nov 07112¤ Dispascii - Display ASCII character set
gettools.i386-aros.zip22kb11 Nov 07127¤ Gettools - Get file disk or memory information
request.i386-aros.zip7kb11 Nov 0799¤ Request - Request tool
send.i386-send.zip7kb11 Nov 07100¤ Send - Send string to device tool
slist2.i386-aros.zip9kb11 Nov 07107¤ Slist2 - Sorted directory list tool
fileop.i386-aros.zip0.1196kb10 Mar 14129¤ fileOP - file operations under shell.
winsize.i386-aros.lha0.146kb26 Oct 208¤ WinSize - Short app shows the size of the CLI-Window
displaybeep.i386-aros.lha0.352kb16 Nov 2011¤ DisplayBeep - Flash display as an event alert
read.i386-aros.tar.bz20.3.620kb05 Nov 06135¤ Read.i386-aros - Prompt for input
backupcopy_v1.0.i386-aros.tar.gz1.05Mb13 Jan 13157¤ Backupcopy_v1.0.i386-aros - BackupCopy
dtdesc.i386-aros.tar.gz1.012kb23 Mar 1084¤ Dtdesc.i386-aros - Tools to create and analyse datatype descriptions
unix-shell-tools.i386-aros.tar.gz1.0477kb16 Aug 1285¤ Unix-shell-tools.i386-aros - Unix Shell Tools
viewt.zip1.018kb13 Sep 1915¤ ViewT - AROS port of a CLI program to manipulate ToolTypes
workdtree.i386-aros.lha1.023kb17 Mar 1086¤ Workdtree - Displays tree struct of a device
yaeval.i386-aros.zip1.027kb29 Dec 0879¤ Yaeval - Yet Another Eval Replacement
consize.i386-aros.lha1.165kb26 Oct 205¤ CONSize - Print out the size of the CLI window
thumbnailgenerator.i386-aros.zip1.112kb10 Dec 10136¤ Thumbnailgenerator - Icon Thumbnails generator
waitnotify.i386-aros.zip1.113kb07 Nov 07112¤ Waitnotify - Waits for a file or directory modification
vmwupdate132.lha1.3.28kb17 Nov 08102¤ Vmwupdate132 - Newer update script for VmwAROS 0.9.x
clicolor-1.4-aros.zip1.423kb28 Aug 1729¤ cliColor - AROS dos script to switch shell colors.
deark_aros-1_5_2.lha1.5.27Mb10 Aug 1916¤ Deark - CLI tool to extract data from different file types
asplit.i386-aros.lha2.0368kb23 Jan 217¤ Asplit - Split binary
waitx.i386-aros.zip2.14kb17 Apr 08160¤ Waitx - Execute a command after/on a given time
waitx.src-aros.zip2.15kb17 Apr 08135¤ Waitx - Execute a command after/on a given time
wordcount.i386-aros.lha37.1058kb25 Jan 2114¤ WordCount - Count lines, words, and chars
timeit.i386-aros.lha40.458kb18 Jan 2110¤ TimeIt - Shell command for timing other commands
dirtree.i386-aros.lha40.859kb18 Jan 217¤ DirTree - Shell command displaying directory trees
diskusage.i386-aros.lha40.859kb18 Jan 2111¤ DiskUsage - estimates file space usage
activatewin.i386-aros.tar.gz41.1213kb20 Nov 14168¤ Activatewin.i386-aros - Gives Shell some Intuition's handling on windows
paste2ievents.i386-aros.tar.gz41.26kb12 Jun 1082¤ Paste2ievents.i386-aros - Paste from clipboard to input events stream
portlist.i386-aros.lha50.233kb26 Dec 2015¤ PortList - Displays a list of ports of running programs
modlist.i386-aros.lha50.434kb26 Dec 2011¤ ModList - Displays a list of resident modules
serialecho.i386-aros.tar.gz50.42kb11 Mar 08111¤ Serialecho.i386-aros - Echo command that dumps output to serial debug
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