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 Readme for:  Development » Language » parforth.i386-aros.lha


Description: pForth v27 compiled with AROS function calls
Download: parforth.i386-aros.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 426kb
Version: 0.2
Date: 04 Feb 23
Author: Phil Burk & Nathan Hesterman
Submitter: Nathan Hesterman
Email: riversidepapa/zoho com
Requirements: i386 AROS
Category: development/language
Replaces: development/language/parforth.i386-aros.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
FileID: 2624
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Downloads: 24  (Current version)
46  (Accumulated)
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parForth v0.2 by Nathan Hesterman (2023-02-02)

parForth v0.2 (pForth for AROS) is pForth v27 by Phil Burk
compiled to allow calling of AROS functions.  It builds on v0.1
by adding Turtle Graphics and a Spirograph TM construction set.
It includes GadToolsDemo.f and TurtleDemo.f.  It includes words
for executing AROS DOS commands, accessing libraries, double-
linked lists, ports, windows, menus, gadgets, and graphics
drawing and area drawing.  It defines ANS Forth Facility Extension
words TIME&DATE and MS. It defines RANDOMIZE so that 0 RANDOMIZE
seeds CHOOSE with a random seed based upon clock ticks since the
start of day.  It provides extracts from 'JForth for the Amiga'
AmigaDOS 2.0 include (.j) files and words to parse these structures.
JForth is freeware that can be downloaded from  parForth defines all kinds of
GadTools gadgets with a demonstration program.  Everything in this
system uses relocatable addresses so can be compiled or turnkeyed.

To use:
Copy the parForth directory to your harddrive.  From a shell, CD to
the path parForth/fth.  You probably want to add an assignment to
S:User-Startup (Assign >Nil: parForth: PATH/parForth/fth).  Type
'pForth' to start parForth.

To run Demos:
Type 'include MyCode/GadToolsDemo.f'.  Type 'BYE' to exit.
Type 'include MyCode/TurtleDemo.f'.    Type 'BYE' to exit.

To run Turtle Graphics:
Type 'include parForthExtensions/Turtle.f' and then 'TURTLE'.  See
Turtle.txt for commands.  Type 'BYE' when done.

To customize:
Edit parForthExt.f.  Use tabs of width 4 so everything lines up
properly.  At the bottom in the definition of 'parForth', substitute
your path to 'parForth/fth' for 'SYS:'.  In the definition of
'MyCode', substitute the path to your code for 'S:'.
	 : auto.init auto.init MyCode ;
	 : auto.term PROTECT parForth auto.term ;

Rebuild your sytem by typing 'pForth -i system.fth'.  Now when
parForth starts it will automatically CD to your code directory and
when it ends it will automatically CD to your parForth/fth directory.
You can change directories by typing 'parForth' or 'MyCode'.

parForth History ------------------------------------------------------
parForth v0.1 - initial release
parForth v0.2
	debug FREELIST in parForthExt.f
	$LEFT, $RIGHT, and $MID now all return a counted string (c$) rather
		than a c-addr u
	added several floating stack manipulation words
	added FSTR and F$STR to convert floating point numbers to strings
	added parForthExtensions/Turtle.f which implements Turtle Graphics
		and a Spirograph TM construction set


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