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 Most recently published files

File Category Version Size Date Dls Readme
gocr.i386-aros.zipgra/con0.52359kb18 Jun 246¤ Aros-GOCR - optical character recognition program (fixed)
spacearosbackdrops.zipgra/the1.09Mb18 Jun 2418¤ AROS Space Backdrops - Space Backdrops with Aros Emblem
gistoppa.i386-aros.zipgam/car1.0495kb17 Jun 242¤ Stoppa card game - La Stoppa is an Italian card game similar to Poker
image2pdf.lhaoff/dtp2.721Mb17 Jun 24¤ Image2PDF - convert images file to PDF
catchit.i386-aros.zipgam/act1.0398kb12 Jun 2437¤ Catch It - Run away and don't get caught
giocodel15.i386-aros.zipgam/car1.0343kb07 Jun 2434¤ Giocodel15 - classic puzzle game from 50 years ago
iconecta.lhanet/mis5.202Mb05 Jun 246¤ iConecta - A little and easy program to test your Internet
gitressette.i386-aros.zipgam/car1.0503kb05 Jun 2432¤ Tressette a Perdere - popular Italian game
hollywoodsp.lhadev/mis10.0.0928kb05 Jun 245¤ HollywoodSP - Spanish catalog for hollywood 10
i386-aros-python2.5.2.zipdev/lan2.5.216Mb02 Jun 2411¤ Python-2.5.2 - Python-2.5.2.i386

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 Recent comments

Filename Category Date Comments Comment by
icaros_2.3_fix.lha dev/uti 03 Apr 24 6 amiwell79 net/bro 17 Mar 24 4 amiwell79 
wcs.multi-aros.lha gra/ray 06 Feb 24 2 amiwell79 gam/mis 25 Jul 23 4 deadwood 
yam29p1-aros-i386.lha net/ema 26 Jun 23 1 Amiwell gam/rol 17 Apr 23 2 cavemann 
tipografia.i386-aros.lha off/dtp 26 Jan 23 13 Domenico Lattanzi gam/pla 07 Nov 22 6 cavemann 
videntiumpicta.lha gra/vie 25 May 22 2 deadwood 
whatiff1.03.lha doc/mis 17 Mar 22 3 salvo 

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